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  1. Nirmal Singh

    I am a nurse. I want a home care job please help me.

  2. Billie Jean Reynolds

    I do homehealth nursing and long term care also …… i have been LPN for 20 yrs and really thinking about getting RN but dont exaclty know to do …… will update you when I have a concrete plan

  3. Rayshell Pearson

    hey Mercy thanks for this video, i am a pre nursing student and im starting early to find my speciality and researching because i really dont know where i would fit as a rn but this video was very helpful

  4. HOney Nicole

    Is there a different in pay from hospital nurse & home health nurse

  5. Janet A

    new grad rn here ! Thanks for the informative video.I got a job offer as a home health nurse.Which did you prefer.

  6. Maria Jurado

    Thank you, Mercy! This helps me, as I prepare to change from hospital nursing to homecare nursing.

  7. Shu Liu

    thanks for sharing!!!! it really helps! I recently start home care job!!! it's much different from facility!

  8. Karina Montes

    I got two job offers at a nursery home and at in home care I don't know what to choose

  9. Donna Clements

    I’ve done home care for 10 years and let me tell you there is absolutely no way you could see 12 patients in 1 day and be finished. Nurses on average see 6 patients a day. You are not done after that 8 hour day. You take it home to finish up what computer and other work not finished then you call patients to schedule the next day. This could last another 3-4 hours. I’ve worked many days off to do catch up case managing. . As for down time during the day it is a rarity. You do have some flexibility you’re not clocking in on a time clock. Be ready for your call rotation that’s a lot of fun. There is very little life work balance. If that sounds something that would work for you home care will be a good fit. like the autonomy it has given me. You learn to be a mcgiver and a private detective sometimes I learned more in home care than all 17 years in the hospital. In the hospital It could be exhausting intense day running 12 hours straight but you leave your work at the hospital and you only do that for 3 days. It both has its good and bad but by far home care has been the hardest.

  10. Mangopoppy

    Thank you very much for this video!!

  11. Teresa songo

    What advise do you have for a new LPN as to where they can work? Nursing facility vs home health care?

  12. f g

    Thanks for the information provided

  13. Gayatri paudel

    Hello sis i have done bsc nursing now i am in qatar their is no job for fresher in hospital. Nursing agency calling for home nursing, is it good to work for futur experience to get job in hospital as well as doing qchp exam? Home nursing count as a experienc of a nurse ?

  14. Lilian Arihi

    Thank you so much, sis. I love your videos they are very informative💖

  15. working mom

    Home health nursing has a lot of thing involved, especially when it comes to documentation and paperwork. You can't do it all in the person's home, especially if you have multiple wound care to do. You must to do a medication reconciliation every visit and make sure the patient is taking his meds as prescribed. There are a lot of patient's with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and hypertension that you have to follow up with the care their primary care doctor is prescribing. that's the reason they are on home care. They have to be monitored closely. Lots of documentation on your teaching and what you did when you went to the home. In a 8 hour day, you can get anywhere from 5-6 patient visits to do. You have to count driving there time, visit time, paperwork time, planning the visit time and calling the patient to let him know your coming and arranging a convenient time for both of you. There's a lot involved in home care that you have to consider.

  16. Akosuagh1

    Did you say, a home health nurse on a 12 hour shift would drive to 12 patients’ homes?

  17. D Mccloskey


  18. Taj

    Thank you sooooooooo much for this video. I have been on the fence regarding leaving the hospital for home health. I needed to hear this video from you

  19. Twyia

    So well spoken. Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. Geraldine Espinoza

    Thank you! I am actually considering home health. I absolutely hate the hospital and hate having 5 patients. I did a clinical rotation at the ICU and I liked that over medsurg… having 5 patients was too much for my ADD head. great video!!

  21. Megan Cossin

    I am considering a home health job and have only worked in the hospital..which do you prefer? I am just curious.

  22. YASS

    Keep moving darling 😘

  23. Patricia Gono


  24. Adriana Zamarripa

    Very informative! What’s your preference between hh & hospital?

  25. Day DelaC

    Brief but informative!

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