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  1. Nycoz Nite ツ

    i need privacy, if i get this i will go to a hospital pretty much every day.

  2. Electric Sheep

    This is not a use for blockchain…

  3. #Adulting

    Terrible video, she used the term blockchain once and just danced around the subject with a bunch of marketing BS…

    What I got from the video is that blockchain will be used in a particular consumer service area… SHOCKER!!!

    What’s the point of uploading content like this?!?!

    You owe me 2:19.

  4. Smiling Buddha

    Why not create a good old fashioned comprehensive database with all security and privacy concerns addressed?

    This is a stupid application of blockchain

  5. Yolanda Krieger

    Finally did a blockchain video…YES!!

  6. HRH PRINCE EUGEN of Sweden

    Only people who are doing wrong demand privacy…they should be locked up for crime until they prove they are innocent….true or false?

  7. Khaya Ngoma

    Future is now

  8. Gary lewis

    juat another sppying tool.

  9. premier69

    is eh, healthcare free? as in do tax payers money go to healthcare or military?

  10. IcebreakerBees

    This definitely is not for individuals with privacy concerns.

  11. Jenny Morris

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  12. Radhika Kamath

    A good smart watch 500$
    Me Broke
    Me Why

  13. AmazinRoyale

    Wow interesting

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  17. Gaurish

    Now the only thing to do is to get a smart watch…

    I’m broke by the way.

  18. Ryan George

    At the end entire human will become online…

  19. JUST GAMING !!!


  20. Habbie

    Any good/cheap(under100€) smartwatches out there.

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  22. The JV Family


  23. Anonymous Hacker


  24. Mahathir Ahmad


  25. Future Pilot


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