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  1. Nathaniel Singleton

    Imagine this. Your fiat currency goes digital and fiat is outlawed. Now you have no anonymity of transactions. Your data will be sold as always. You will be targeted for advertisements and denied access to health coverage and other necessities because of spending/consumption habits. You will be tracked even more and here is the icing on top of the cake. When negative interest rates become the norm which they will because our “smart leaders” are not so smart you will be forced to pay because you can’t flee out of the banks currency because al other options are illegal.

  2. Bembeng Suhardono

    How easy it is for them controlling herds of sheep. Lulz

  3. Frizo 1015

    They can shut off your account when ever they want. I like to be able to have a second option

  4. Nathaniel Singleton

    Can some one explain how this would internationalize the Remimbi if the PBOC is the entity issuing the wallet and currency???? Do you think the American government would let its citizens get a wallet and digital currency issued by the PBOC????? Yeah, doubt it.

  5. Joseph Martin

    IMO 5G is the key since all #DigitalDollar, #DigitalYuan, #DigitalEuro apps need 5G-LTE-WiFi6-AR networks & phone+tablet+laptops to spread. China & Fake News TV CEO's working in tandem are using #Inpeachment to distract US ( EU is clueless as usual) while they build massive 5G patent portfolio. Will #Trump & #Pelosi realize they are being played w/ stupid TV scandals while China & #Neocons take over 5G #DigitalCurrency business ? If Congress would use their brains they would provide every Student w/ graphic visual apps to actually see the whole #ElectromagneticSpectrum, see all waves & radiation to build solutions using all angles of the problem, how to use some of the #EMWaves to develop new Propulsions, new Health+Nutrition+Financial solutions , new apps. Sadly Washington DC , controlled by neocon #Oligarchs campaign donations will continue to be distracted while China & Middle East neocons steal #5G Economy + Industry from US Taxpayers who financed , with EU Taxpayers, the Internet + the Web development & implementation.

  6. China will absolutely track how people spend.

  7. Douglas S. Noble

    China's Digital Currency is not based on Cryptology. Why can't you people understand the difference? Why don't you educate yourself. This is Digital Fiat. China's entire Fiat system is corrupt and pegged to the U.S. Dollar. With Digital Currency all you have to do is add a 0 to greatly inflate and devalue your currency.

  8. twenlil

    "One of his senior aides (of Andrew Yang) argues that Biden, Warren, and Sanders “are running like it’s 1996.” Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, the aide said, “are running like it’s 2008. We’re running like it’s 2030.”
    Only Donald Trump, it seems, is running like the year is 2020. “I am,” Yang told me, “his perfect nemesis.”"
    Andrew Yang Could Win This Thing – Buzzfeed

  9. lolo O

    When Value of one thing goes Zero they make similar product but different to make them valuable again

  10. Rewdawrath

    So how im gonna laundry it?

  11. Rohit Chowdhary


  12. Tajay Greenwood

    Happy new year

  13. Lawrence

    No crypto allowed unless the ccp controls it!

  14. Ultraman Leo

    yeah thats better IF ITS DECENTRALIZED. but if not? well you might be surprised maybe youll have no money tomorrow as you woke up. esp china.. with that govt tracking everything online.. no way.. 😎

  15. Наталья Стародубцева

    Your video was interesting to me, thank you. The financial world is changing, more and more new cryptocurrencies are appearing. I thought an interesting and promising coin (PZM). In 2018, the PRIZM cryptocurrency was officially registered on the territory of Russia and has the relevant documents: “Certificate of state registration of PRIZM”. PRIZM is sold and bought for different currencies of the world. The generation of coins in your wallet occurs with passive participation. Think about how much electricity is wasted in maintaining transactions in the network of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain network! PZM has no energy costs, no additional equipment is required. The growth of coins can be hundreds of percent per year.

  16. Вася Пусечкин

    Nice one! I guess soon we will not have regular currency anymore! Have u ever heard about new alternative crypto currency – PRIZM? If u'll decide to know something about it and try, u'll be really happy. Gives a good money, actually. These days i invest in it 🙂

  17. soh puri

    WeChat is better app than Facebook then balabala

  18. marvin marvo

    Wow. PRIZM cryptocurrency is amazing.


    China is a dictatorship and not a democracy, the country does not hold elections, it does not respect humans (as they harvest organs of random people), it censors everyone, it bans websites, it kills opposition, it destroys Hong Kong, it builds FAKE ISLANDS, it steals our tech, our jobs and our freedom.

  20. Michael Xavier

    They already been doing this in some African Countries

  21. fung whyou


  22. Einstein Gautama

    Why bother making a new currency though? How can they persuade people to use a new currency when, at the individual user level, it'll be functionally identical to the existing currency (in most everyday cases, anyway)?

  23. Thank you for the video! Very interesting. I invest in a PRIZM coin – it is very profitable and promising. Coins are immediately earned on the wallet

  24. Shane Willbur

    Libra? Uhhhhh may have blockchain aspects, but this is not considered a crypto currency if its centralized. Stick with the majors: Bitcoin, Ethreum etc.

  25. Полина

    Do you know about cryptocurrency PRIZM? It is obtained without expensive equipment and without energy consumption …

  26. Mikola Maklaud

    I see perspective in Prizm coin

  27. uncivilizedengr

    communist "currency" lulz

  28. rick lulu

    Libra is dead b4 it start.

  29. Braelyn Mitrovic

    people are blinded by paranoia and forget about the significance of corruption, money laundering, drug dealing and human trafficking. just because they might get a nervous feeling in their tummy when buying a pack of milk. 

    what do you rather want? 
    A private monopoly like facebook controlling everything and doing shady things in secret such as selling data or being forced to hand it out because the usa forces them to do so?

    or the state handling your currency with the ability to fight crime and corruption? there is a reason why millions of chinese people have been lifted out of poverty every year for decades. the thing about this centralized blockchain technology is that you can't touch the information that is given. there is no accountant who can manipulate certain figures.

    the technology is going to come but the question is who is going to have the power over it. If we all truly cared about data privacy this much, we wouldn't even be on youtube watching this video in the first place.

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