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  1. George s

    Very good , so let us spread truth around the world . Truth being the word of God , the Holy Bible and freedom for all people . With the freedom given by God our creator . And freedom from sin , through repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ . The one who died for our sins and rose again , and is alive forevermore .

  2. Disney Takes Huge Dix

    Who cares ? Xi Jinping the new Emperor of China will close off China to become the next big North Korea ! Tick tock ! Tick tock ! 3 more years to go ! 2023 ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

  3. Alastair Laggan

    Cao wo Tāmen de dàolái!

  4. Titus Veridius

    He forgot racist*

  5. ExtraordinaryLiving

    Listen to this guy CAREFULLY

    Ref 4:50 – "Every word here I am going to say is important. It is an increasingly militarily and economically powerful, hyper-nationalistic, expansionist, fascist, totalitarian regime!"

    Ref 5:56 – "We're not dealing with a benign country, the rise of China, we can accommodate that, we can make them like us. No, we can't! It is again, it is a very dangerous state we are dealing with that has NO INTENTION OF BEING CO-OPTED, AND TURN INTO A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY RESPECTS RULE OF LAW, RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS, RESPECTS DEMOCRACY! Everything they do, everything they do in terms of suppressing their people, censoring *our thoughts OVERSEAS*, setting up proxy army … it influences every decision made by the government …"

    Ref 9:39 ~ 11:40 – This is right … America is NOT prepared at all to deal with the existential threat posted by Beijing with its political warfare! The American masses is still unaware, and the wealthy elite is too greedy to care [about the destruction and loss of our democracy]!

    Yes, we need to continue to and further expose China for the monster it truly is!

  6. KamikazeNeko

    At the beginning when he asked him to explain it more simply but he went and explained it more complicated than the first time. Typical University professor!

  7. Commenter Five

    The 200,000,000 man army is being assembled, Revelation 9: 16.

  8. Carlos

    As long as Taiwan exists as its own nation, it’s shows the rest of the world how bad the CCP is under the rule of Winnie XI Pooh aka the Red Baron XI. It’s the same thing like in north and South Korea. You can see how bad communism and dictatorship with brainwashing is, it’s shows the rest of the world, that something is wrong with that model. And it shows also, that communism and dictatorship is just good for the ruler and their party but not for the people, they are living in it. To keep power and erase all hints and proof that Taiwan has all the things that mainland China under the rule of the WPCP (Winnie Pooh Communist Party)has not and never will get, it’s imminent to eliminate Taiwan and put it under control of Winnie XI Pooh with the honey pot. So nobody can see the difference anymore between the two country’s. Especially for the mainland Chinese, they never never should feel what real freedom really is, as long as you’re not a member of the red party;)

  9. Sand Panda

    Where Westerners can only think ahead in 10 or 20 years, the Chinese have a 100 or 200 year plan. Confucius said " The Ox is slow to plow but the Earth is patient."

  10. Howto: Privacy & Infosec

    Good stuff Chris 👍
    MSM full of lovely agitprop

  11. Billy Hamlen

    I also care about the rising Canada, not trust worthy

  12. Anduvir

    It is funny how much of this awe of hurting PRC's feelings I have seen on one German University.

  13. CL Lee

    Ok, Boomer on political talk. It's so outdated thinking in this 21st Century. Nobody can control the whole world and mankind based on ideologies, religion, military power nor political warfare if that is your take. Common sense, good governance, good leaders, serving mankind, Nations and Earth will be what people who are already civilized will look for.

  14. John Ryan

    This lack of awareness is planned at a deep state level ,its great to hear an aware person talk the truth !

  15. Jay Felsberg

    Geopolitics in action

  16. レイ·ライト -Raylight

    For a long time I've been wanting to say that Chris looks like Agent Smith, but I guess Chris himself know he looks like Agent Smith
    Now all we need is his evil laugh Mwahahaha xD

  17. Jack Talcott

    Has anyone else noticed that the techniques criticized by the China experts are the same strategies that our own government leaders have used since the late 1800's? (training and arming nations that agree with our capitalist agenda…)

  18. Twomix

    Taiwan is the ultimate proof that democracy can work well with Chinese customs and ideology and that is the biggest threat to the CCP more than any kind of military weapons. They simply don’t want the majority of the Chinese people to decide they can absolutely rule themselves thru the path of democracy, rule of law and as a republic. They don’t want the Chinese people to realize that the freedom to decide their own future, and having the right to prosperity, peace and happiness without the CCP’s hand is the greatest thing ever. If the Chinese people decided they can have everything without the blessings of the CCP then the CCP would cease to exist. Also Taiwan is essentially an unsinkable aircraft carrier. If Taiwan falls they can use the island as a launchpad for invasion into East and Southeast Asia.

  19. Tom Chen

    "…you can't make them like us…" therefore it must be evil and destroyed?! That's some bs xenophobic idea professor! Why does every nation state has to be like the US or it doesn't deserve to exist?

  20. James Mason Altair

    This professor is smart and correct. China Uncensored, great job as usual bringing us the truth about all things China. Another 4.0 interview!
    We have to realign our thinking to realize, WE ARE AT WAR. They are operating in 4d, while we're stuck thinking in 3 dimensions.
    There is no changing the CCP. They are NEVER going to be a civil neighbor at the table of nations. We are living a pipe dream if we think otherwise. They will NEVER be honest and trustworthy. Their track record is long and consistently deceitful.
    Any individuals or companies that knowingly engage with the most evil organization in human history, the CCP, should be prosecuted, stripped of all assets, and where possible shamed/ boycotted by all Americans of good conscience. Any who engage with the CCP are guilty of assisting the biggest mass murderers in history. There should be zero tolerance for those who cooperate with and aid the CCP.

  21. Pacific Dynamic Builders

    That guy knows whats up! Too bad America has no idea!

  22. Philip Ting

    Ten steps guide to neo-colonialism
    1. Select leaders who can be controlled usually through corruption. The leaders must agree to let companies of colonial powers to continue own their land, industries and businesses in return for "independence".
    2. Discredit, imprison or assassinate those who are incorruptible and popular.
    3. Conduct a rigged democratic election to give legitimacy.
    4. Ironically, if that fail to get the puppets elected, claim the election is rigged. Then engineer unrest, protest and riots. Use freedom of speech as an excuse to justify incitement of violence and human rights as excuse to justify riots. There are always enough idiots who can be brainwashed to destroy their own country.
    5.If that still fail, conspire with the military to stage a coup. A dictator is acceptable at this point.
    6. If coup fails, impose sanctions and embargoes in the name of human rights or international peace and security. In reality, they are designed to destitute the people in the hope it will drive them to revolve against their government. It is also a punishment for the people for not choosing their puppet.
    7. When all efforts fail to overthrow the government that cannot be neo-colonised, amp up propaganda campaign to gain support at home for eventual war to destroy the country.
    8. Destroy the country.
    9. Occupy the country.
    10. Repeat step 1.

  23. Philip Ting

    US lost South Vietnam. US cannot afford to loose Taiwan too.

  24. Gene Pozniak

    The political warfare "expert" talks less like a scholar and more like a lobbyist.

  25. Rodus Maxumus

    Professor Kerry Gershaneck needs to come to Australia and have a very long chat with our politicians (and also go on Q&A). Too many of our politicians (and a former PM) are in denial that the experiment of bring China into the tent will turn them into a democracy, instead the CCP is pissing in the tent and stealing everything not nailed down.

  26. Rhsheeda Russell

    Well Chris, that was a very scary and articulate exposition of doom. Shame so few worldwide listen. Good one Chris. Many thanks.

  27. Jordan Read

    Yall gonna come to 桃園? Just curious.

  28. DorianLS

    This fellow doesn't mince words. A nice moment at the end where you can see the genuine respect each has for the other. "Comrades in arms", each fighting the good fight.

  29. Sebastian Melmoth

    God! I didn't realise Americans realised this.

  30. Franco Barone

    Well, at least China does political warfare, the US does economic and military warfare what is worse? China got 6000 years of history and started half a dozen of wars ( if ), the US got 200 years of history and started 300 wars…and counting.

  31. smileandlaughs

    Here's a term for political warfare, "lobby"

  32. SmithandJones256

    (Our PM has increased our exports of soy milk to the US! Mua-ha-ha-haaaa..!)

  33. Jorge Humberto Bringas Hernandez

    Ok si, China no es un Eden, pero ¿Por que los yankees creen que son los únicos lo suficientemente sabios como para fanfarronear con una marina que excede los 6 millones de efectivos?

  34. kev675243

    7:10 oooh… so that's why the country of origin for our plastic bags went from Myanmar to Malaysia

  35. Ian Robinson

    It is amazing how the Bureaucrats in our societies are so happy to dance to their own agenda. They are part of the PC brigades and don't care for their own misleading understandings but just stand up for their own ingrained stupidity.

  36. Vincent Nguyen

    China is slowly advancing in multi prongs…beside Taiwan, China want to break out to the Indian ocean, and the best way is to take Bangla Desh and Myanmar and to intimidate India. Next they will put a squeeze on Thailand, and go down the peninsula to take malaysia and Singapore. A stone throw from that is Indonesia will be next. To throw the US off the Asian Continent, China will gain advantages on land before venturing to sea…Bottom line is, The domino effect predicted By Pres Eisenhower is alive and well again.

  37. Mortem Rex

    I love how you took a viewer joke and ran with it. Respect

  38. Yoda Miner

    It's the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.
    "Do you like coffee bro?". Come to the center, we have cream and sugar if that's your thing.

  39. boyzepter

    Dictatorship word can make china upset… Wow.. So keep saying from now on… Not hiding with it… See what china can do to the world 😂

  40. Boogur T. Wang

    Chinese People Can RULE Themselves!

  41. Mountain Wolf

    This was one hell of a good interview, an interview for the ages. Congratulations you guys, the people you guys are able to talk to are getting better and better all the time.

  42. WanderAbroad

    11:00 "Go to any of the universities that pump out our future diplomats"

    … I have been watching, and they are pumping out Communist diplomats. Make no mistake, the problem is not that we are now at war with China, it's that we are only now becoming aware of a war that has been raging for decades and we are late to realize it. The 2nd amendment may be the only thing that has kept us from a total take over.

  43. Boogur T. Wang

    FS is CRAP !

  44. Boogur T. Wang

    Political Warfare is WAR- – WORD !

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