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  1. breakdownbill1

    if you got this bike and it went 70 mph it would have been worth all the trouble and extra expense,,have you priced the Zero lately

  2. Gilroy Joshua

    Whats the run time on a full charge on average?

  3. wingmanalive

    It looks so cool and I can see why you bought it. That said, buying Chinese will do this to you. I can't even buy a small $5 item from that country on Amazon without it taking a month to ship. Forget 2 day Prime. Customs KILLS you. That and they are still notorious for making garbage. It's cheap, but cheap garbage. They can't make an engine that lasts or even starts and they fill all our $1 stores with their junk. And we gobble it up. It's also why they are the #1 global contributor to carbon emissions. A $1500 toy costs $3000 and still not worth what you can get locally for $500. Expensive education!

  4. vmac805 Zero

    Kinda sounds like it wasn’t worth it

  5. John R

    OMG dude, great video. Unless you are a direct importer never but anything using the alibaba portal. It’s basically a contacts listing for suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Obviously you’ve already experienced that when shipping door to port, you need a broker to navigate all the importing signatures to get your package released. If you do import, ask for door to door shipment from the seller. It will cost you more but you don’t have to deal with customs. Generally door to door shipments include the customs duties anywhere from 3-10% with the 10% rate being guaranteed unopened packages. If you want to by from China use one of the three big sales sites. AliExpress, Banggood or Gearbest. AliExpress is like Amazon, there are many very good rated sellers that offer free shipping. Keep in mind there are both good and bad sellers and they have ratings. Unlike Amazon when you search for products on AliExpress you get all the listings. If you install the app you’ll get google targeted adds so browse anonymously. Your going to get better pricing on products purchased here unless you buying bulk because of competition and they have all the tricks for shipping. And unlike purchasing direct, AliExpress holds the seller responsible. I suggest you use PayPal

  6. MattyAllen

    What if you just shipped it to your house though?

  7. Dav

    What about a 5000w 72v 40ah electric bike/dirtbike?
    It looks like an electric dirtbike.

    They want over 2 grand for it including shipping, it is to my door and they didn't mention anything about paperwork.
    Should I be concerned whether they will even send me the 5000w and not fool me by sending a 3000w instead?

  8. Uziel

    this is valuable information for people who want to buy online

  9. Narong Srilouangkhol

    Hold on, I remember your logo. Your the guy that sold the FZ6. I just got a bike like the one you sold.

  10. Shango Sankofa

    So, you paid about 3 grand for a $1,500 bike?
    And you want people to know all this why? And it’s really just a scooter? A scooter!?

  11. Michael Schaff

    A 30 mph, Chinese built, hassle-filled e-bike, with a scratched tank. Where do I sign up??

  12. Efren Corado

    Man in SF even with a Smart car is difficult to park

  13. Md razu Ahammad

    Plz tell me order in Bangladesh..my contact number..01716618562..hlp plz..the best choice my life…plz plz brother…..nedd 10000w and rang 120km

  14. Marcos Salas

    i really appreciate all this info. I was so interested in buy one of this motorcycle but now I can see Its a really bad idea.

  15. Robin

    You DID misrepresent the cost in your titles on YouTube. That is called clickbait.

  16. Markus Patients

    I can't watch any more after 12:22. Between your incessant foot shaking earlier and the run around you endured trying to get the "Motor-Scooter", I'm an emotional wreck.. This was all Trump's fault. This would never have happened when Obama was in office…

  17. Markus Patients

    It also seems like after all of your time spent getting it here to the states, that scratch on the fake gas tank was a slap in the face from China or the men on the container ship. Someone must pay…

  18. Markus Patients

    How much was it, "$2,891.00? That's still not that expensive to be the COOLEST guy on your block for bragging rights.. Hey ; Brad Pitt doesn't have one…

  19. Markus Patients

    I tried to purchase something on "Alibaba" once. They wanted my CC number before I even picked a product to buy.
    SCARY! Haven't been back since…

  20. SnaggySteve

    Would I have to pay those fees if I get it shipped to my house

  21. stevoreno45

    Wow thanks a lot bro! You saved  a few people some headaches

  22. JimmyJayJunior

    I'll be honest, I never felt like it was clickbait when you said $1500 bike. It is a $1500 bike.

  23. Skyler Holman

    Wonder if it could be worth an investment to buy 20 of them and sell them for a profit, since you’re doing so much work for import anyway.

  24. Riviere Marc

    Strange review where is the test ?Only bla bla

  25. Shantanu Singh

    You should have or actually complain to Ali Baba/Ali Express and they'll sort it out for sure. Tell him you'll bring his ratings down i mean the seller


    shit you could of bought a real sportbike with that price

  27. Arrow Blue

    Price for the bike has lowerd to 680USD and max speed is written on too 80km max.

  28. Derek Rogers

    Omg I got screwed. I can’t beleive I ordered a damn bike from alibaba. I hope I don’t have to deal with all this shit.

  29. Shota Bukhaidze

    Make conteoller shunt and speed will go top


    You should contact alibaba support team and give them all correspondence with seller and report him there as it was bought thru their platform.

  31. Mr. savagebanana

    So u basically paid the price of gasoline motorcycle for a electric bike that goes only 30 mph, or u could have bought a car lmao but it has the cool factor

  32. Robbie Rees

    Thanks for Video and information. Definitely stick with my gas bike. 👍🏁

  33. Sky Ripper

    Should have just bought a regular bike

  34. James Courtney

    Thank you for this vid…… I almost purchased through Alibaba.

  35. Perfect

    Thanks, this helped out alot. I had my finger on the trigger. Now I have more research to do.

  36. Sean Warnick

    So you said you got the wrong one right? What did you oder and what did you get? Please be specific.

  37. Olaide Nojeem Ekeolere

    Wow, clicked the link and its now $780. I wonder how much customs i will need to pay here in Nigeria.

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