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  1. R.SUGANYA Ranganathan

    Hi can u pls suggest wedding gown ,lehanga and Saree for marriage

  2. krishna b

    Mam can u make video in English plz

  3. Miyaaaw Miyaaaw

    awesome mam 👍👍👍👍

  4. Nalini Sasidharan

    Mam can ' t we wear SIit churidars

  5. Arulmani Rajoo

    Akka i have a request , can plus size girls wear kpop style shirts like oversized shirts wear by kpop idols

  6. Priya Dharshini

    Unga talk romba alaga irukku

  7. tamilzarasi murli


  8. Neetu John

    Thank you so much

  9. Muizza Hassan

    Very sweet of you to create videos like this to help others. Keep up the videos

  10. S Prema

    Spr mam…. Last point samma👌👌

  11. Preethy Prakash

    Really a motivational video bczz always v have a thought of ultra slim models…But u started with an amazing word dat am a plus size model..😍
    Nw only i came to know about size has nothing to do with modelling ..😍😍

  12. Vara Lakshmi

    Enaku arm hand konjam fat ah iruku mam athuku nalla dress code sollunga

  13. Jamil Dars

    Apka batny ka andaz boht acha h pr apki language pta nhe konsi h kuch smj m nhe aaya agr ap urdu m bat kren to samjny m aasani hogi.


    #say swag fat girl mother fucker son of the bitch fat girl brutality killing yourself

  15. Agila Anbalagan

    Hi Sis…a very useful video for plus size women…Does a dothi pants and a pelpum Kurti top suits for a plus size woman..?

  16. shreevani


  17. Manoj Kiyan

    Hit like only for tamil… Beauty.

  18. Viji lakshmi

    Thanks! I too do not belong to the barbie doll look group. But consistency in exercise and watching what I eat has helped me. I am Five feet 7inches tall and am maintaining my weight at around 70 kgs. And am a senior citizen.

  19. mori jayaprakash

    Super mam ur looking so beautiful


    yenku hand thain kjm chubby ah eruku…

  21. Susai Arul Mary

    Ur looking fat only although ur saying

  22. shanmu viji

    U looking like actress but konjam kooda alatikkama supera explain pannenga

  23. Prabhjyot Kaur Floray

    Please make your videos in English too

  24. Vanitha Vinoth

    Super explain

  25. Shamnad Safi

    Your speech really motivated…….

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