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  1. john smith

    Why would you want a weak currency when you import everything

  2. typelogin

    this is why Cryptocurrencies will thrive, because can't manipulate a public ledger

  3. Dariune

    Whats in it for me, is stuff from china gonna get even cheaper?

  4. John Bettle

    Huawei logo is copy cnbc

  5. Antonio Barrios

    Does anyone know the background music?

  6. Factory of Gaming

    Not necessarily. A weaker US dollar would mean that US residents cant purchase as many imported products, because these will become more expensive. This will however depend on the elasticity of imports amongst US consumers and producers. Infact a weaker US dollar might actually help to reduce the defecit on the BOP that the US has with other countries, China being a prime example. The purchasing power of the US dollar on a domestic level is ofcourse greatly dependent on inflation. A weaker dollar may cause an increase in inflation due to higher Aggregate demand (as a result of cheaper exports), but this is unlikely to have a huge impact on US consumer spending power. The Fed will use contractionary monetary and potentially fiscal policy to make sure this doesnt happen.

  7. Lone Wolf

    Glory to China

  8. Raoul Duke


  9. tsusho49

    Good less money for stock brokers and investors and more for the people

  10. Chat2 RB240z

    We as citizens will hurts the most god damn!!!!!

  11. lucis leesion

    I heard nothing but blaming to China!

  12. Innova 35

    Motive behind weakening currency is to make currency as reserve currency for emerging economies
    It is called economic rule manipulation

  13. Garry champion

    okay have those folks in the background shut up and just bequiet.

  14. Shuai Zhang

    In the meantime, Federal Reserve has refused Trump's requests for reducing the interest rate to devalue US dollar for several times and Trump condemned FRS for it on Twitter. But I didn't see any US citizen call the chair of FRS a traitor.

  15. Alex Huh

    currency manipulator? Plaza Accord u mean? oh it's on paper so it's not a maniulation.


    USA and CHINA are both SHADY countries…
    They will do everything in there power to destabilise other countries for there own gains…

  17. dude 57 arizona

    Dollar will be useless

  18. akka

    Don't be misleading. China does not devalue its currency, it just stop popping it up and let the market decides how much the yuan is worth. The IMF already said that much. Trump on the other hand wants to manipulate the dollar lower. Who is the currency manipulator?

  19. Armando Garza

    The Crypto Era begins🌟

  20. James Chanbonpin

    "When you can't beat a nation mentally, try and start a war with them." The US and it's depraved people are just waiting for God's wrath.

  21. Hinglish Investor

    Buy Bitcoin, OBVIOUSLY

  22. z h

    Who started this trade war in the first place? THE USA! The world economy is only better when the US has sensible and not bullying policies.

  23. adalycean

    Good bye US farmer

  24. Miguel Arredondo

    Sometimes in the end stages of something, it lashes out

  25. Fairytale

    The truth is if China doesn't manipulate the currency, Chinese Yuan would drop even more due to more and more manufacturers move out of China… that is definitely not something the US wants to see…

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