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  1. Habiba Arafat

    You look great and your hait is perfect how many cm is the curling wand?

  2. Addison Lee

    How thick is the curling iron barrel? (product link goes to general Sedu' website, not the curling iron itself 😛 )

  3. Joe A.

    I really love this color and style. I'm growing out my layers hopefully to achieve something very similar to this. I struggle with poofiness . Anyway will see if I can grow mine till the end of August and maybe get my color freshened up. Cool channel I subbed🙂

  4. S4sugar100

    Please could you tell me which lipstick you have on here

  5. Graciela Soto

    When I do this it looks awesome but as soon as I leave home it goes all puffy and I look a bit like a poodle.. any product I could use to hold it? the weather in London doesn't help (very humid) , thank you <3

  6. Unwash | The new clean

    You have seriously gorgeous hair!

  7. Ellie Anderson

    I have been wanting to cut my hair into a lob for years. Is it super high maintenance? My hair is really long with a slight wave to it and every time I bring it up to people they always tell me not to cut it. I am okay with some style time, but do you have to curl/straighten it everyday?

  8. Melissa Losk

    Omg I used to watch your youtube vids and you had curly hair! What happened?

  9. •d e n y s s e padilla•

    Really great videos ! I love them ! Could you please do an everyday makeup tutorial ? Like the one on this video ? (: Also, what lipstick shade/brand are you wearing ? lol

  10. salma ben ferjani

    you are just fabulous , your hair , your make up , all of you <3 much love from Tunisia

  11. Sahar1011

    Loved it !!
    So you don't use hairspray after curling ?

  12. Rowan

    Love your channel! Thx for another great tutorial. I need help with this one lol. I have really thin hair – but a TON of it (it's often confused for thick hair). I have tried time and again to do this but it takes so much time and I can never get the steps right where I do the 2nd and 3rd section. I always feel like I miss pieces or don't do a very good job. Any advice? Thx!

  13. Grace Ruiz

    I love your haircut and color! Still remember when you had it so long and black!

  14. Boston girl313


  15. Ashley Lemos

    love love love your hair color!! ❤️

  16. deenyinagrl

    wow! you look fabulous!! that cut and color really flatters you… gorgeous!!

  17. Alejandra Lisette

    You have me wanting to cut my hair. This is the first time in a while I'm letting it grow. I always get the itch. Beautiful!!!

  18. Jolene Fusco

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR! It's the perfect length and color for you! 🙂

  19. Marley Mills

    Claire I love your hair. It's so cute!!! What eye shadows did you use for this tutorial?? Thanks!

  20. purplesparkzzz

    you always look so pretty😊 is that a dress or blouse you're wearing?

  21. Ava Funderburk

    Sooooo pretty!!!

  22. merve k

    You Look so beautiful 😍🤗

  23. brit .g

    love ur hair !!💕💕💕 I'm so jelly

  24. Lissette and Meredith ♡

    Wow you're absolutely gorgeous, love this!! <3

  25. Merete's howls

    Your hair is amazing 😍

  26. Claire Ashley

    Thumbs up for more hair tutorials!!!

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