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  1. Robbie Hall

    2:20 So much for "I'm not going to say any way is right or wrong".

  2. pEW pEW

    Best martial art is A: live in a country where people don’t have guns, B: Run away. Escape is the primary principal of most if not all self-defence martial arts.

  3. hassan - san

    How to dark souls .

  4. Matthew Pray

    very good presentation…but certainly not for beginners…

  5. George Kondylis

    Makes sense. This is the first video I’ve seen showing it this way.

  6. Stacey PEPERS

    This was helpful haha
    I used to do karate (I’m a black belt) but I hated it because my parents made me do it but looking back it wasn’t that bad haha this helped me remember how to do a forward roll 😂

  7. QiaoZhi Wei

    非常感谢 !


    sir how to do front roll

  9. Marco Pohl

    i have some difficulty with front rolls, maybe i'll try that next time (in training)

  10. R Mendez

    Great points. Thank you for sharing

  11. The Kentucky Patriot

    My kids are 5 & 9 and they are learning these skills now. They love training and this video was very helpful! I love your channel and I am a happy subscriber. God bless you and yours!

  12. Luke Brown

    Can you combat roll to evade an attacker ? Combat roll to create distance ?

  13. Surinder Nandra

    amazing video. excellent.

  14. saambavi muhunthan

    he reminds me of dwight shrute.

    student: "you put your hand out"
    Ando: False. if you put your hand out, you will dislocate your shoulder and die. you put your hand on your head and if possible grab onto the nearest beet."

  15. The Scientists

    Got thrown out of the car because you owe money 😂

  16. GaganProGamer2008

    Good one sense I Andro is amazing and yes senses I I mean s e n c e s not sensei

  17. Rebecca Lee

    I tried this but i kept accidentally kicking myself in the nose with my knee all the time and i cant get enough momentum (both apply for the backward roll)

  18. mr. jozo

    come to think that japan hasn`t anticipated dangerous situations and stuff, like…

  19. Harshit Dwivedi

    Thanks guru ji…

  20. PusabumCanuck

    Before using youtube as a source of first and final instruction, find a qualified gymnastics or tumbler to help assist learning a SHOULDER roll. If you tell them a forward roll, the will teach the roll down the spine which is a forward roll (ie somersault).

  21. AB AB

    I'm too nervous to fully roll over my head. Any suggestions?

  22. CountryAngel12 T

    Love this video. It really does teach you how to protect your head.

  23. DooM Marine

    I know that this is Kung Fu but what would your equivalent of dannage be?

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