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  1. vutti saichandanapriya

    Sir I lost my registered mobile no How can I login ???

  2. usman basha shaik

    Good sir employees information thanks

  3. koneti venkata prasad

    How to change photos in EHS cards Sir

  4. Kuchulapati Naiman

    Health card lo employee name edit ela cheyalo telapagalaru

  5. D.Yogeswar Naidu

    Sir how to add one family member into health card. Pls make video

  6. Chandra Reddy

    Sir… Forget password details update lo mail id teesukovadam ledu ela sir

  7. Naga Padmaja

    Thq bayya

  8. shabir sulthana

    Venkat gaaru how to delete Retired employee profile from ddo req and cfms domain. Is there any other way besides issuing LPC? please update us on this issue.

  9. Veerraju Sanchana

    Cfms bill Lo submitt chesinapdf scanned copies site Lo ala open chesi chudocho cheppandi….

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