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  1. Zahida Sharif

    Lovely quilt, easy to make

  2. Carmen Cuevas

    Do you leave the stabilizer on or trim it off?

  3. Linda Daley

    What kind of embroidery machine do you use?

  4. Linda Doughty

    Do you leave the sheer mesh cut away stabilizer left on the embroidered block and sew it into the seams ? Very cute quilt!

  5. Linda Hutchings

    Love your designs and the tutorial was very helpful.

  6. Di Jones

    What a pretty quilt….the embroidery pattern especially the basket and butterfly brought memories back of my mums table cloths. I loved them then and I still do .
    Where did you find those patterns.? I would like to make one. I've got a bernina embroidery machine ..thank you for sharing

  7. Alka Deshmukh

    Your quilt was very beautiful. I like it very much. I am also embroidery expert.

  8. Coffin Rock

    I always want to try to make one once, but, I don't know, I'm always afraid doing it wrong, your explanations are so "easy" that I reconsider my fear and may be trying this !

    thank you for all your videos ! I learned a lot with them and there is always so much cool ideas in it !

  9. petmom ful

    I noticed that you drew the square before embroidering it. I have noticed that after embroidering a square, it is a little bit smaller, because the thread pulls it in a bit. Have you noticed this and do you have to compensate for it when you cut out the block? Thanks for all you guys do!!

  10. judy brown

    Nice job. If I ever have time I want to do one Thanks

  11. Marian Rooth

    Beautiful job. Thanks for your great tutorials.

  12. Sally Schilling

    Now this is very helpful! Thank you!

  13. Linda Bridges

    Thank you!

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