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  1. Jessica Acsinte

    My problem is that I live with my parents and they buy a lot of unhealthy stuffs

  2. xGacy_Ricex Gacha

    But there’s some stuff I have to eat cause I have braces..

  3. Natascha Andersen

    Every like is one hour more of fitness 💪🏼

  4. Johnny C.

    45 minutes on the stair master?! Sheesh girl…

  5. ana chan

    Im watching this while smoking I need to break that stupid addiction cuz that makes me so tired 😭😭😭


    Do you like harry potter

  7. Lisa Horgan

    Zengin olunca inş

  8. Anja Ilić

    Ok I didnt eat anything sweet for a week than I went to my grandma and I got back into my old habits. An when I start again it goes well and by the end of the day I just break down and eat sweets and everything

  9. joana polanco

    2019 anyone

    No just me ok

  10. Healthy and Happy!

    Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  11. Aiolos Hernandez

    You could also help someone who builds a house, has an orchard, runs a farm, renovates their apartment. All this fitness stuff just mimics the effects of physical work.
    Kick vanity and invest your energy into something actually useful. WinWin.

  12. Marla Tela

    I cant dooo itttt fuckkkk

  13. hanna apier biscuits

    Ummm what should I do it's the middle of 2019

  14. Izzie Davies

    From watching this vid I have stayed healthy and fit and its February 15th and started in January 😮😮

  15. Saadya

    Just realized this is 2017

  16. Jessica Elizabeth

    Who’s watching in 2019? hahah

  17. zoya Pach

    2019 ?????

  18. Anah GLBRT

    Who's here in 2019? ✨✨✨

  19. Nats S

    I failed

  20. Jennifer Rubio

    2019 this is the year to get fit❤⚘

  21. Emilia Freyre

    Isnt the thumbnail from Toris video

  22. Mariana Schwalbach

    omg i'm only being this now but it's making me stay motivated to stay healthy in 2019 <33

  23. Angelica Tabornal

    eminem — that's why 💘🔥

  24. Jorden Aldabashi

    Who is here for 2019 lmao

  25. Rihem Hannechi

    The kiwi intro was motivating enough 😂 I listen to that song every time I workout

  26. Sila

    Found this today lol

  27. sofia ramos

    Anyone ready for 2019 ?🙌🏻

  28. alina

    This is for 2019 😫😂

  29. Ilhéna

    Hello fresh seems cool and stuff but it doesn’t exist in France I think and we can’t all spend money for that😭

  30. Isabella Smith

    What. a. QUEEN 👑🔥👏

  31. Holli Dizdarevic

    0.07 already says to subscribe haven’t seen video yet lol just saying

  32. Brett Pulley

    I type in on youtube getting fit and being healthy in order to better myself and all I get is an endless list of cliclbait basic bitch vlog videos of oppressed wamanz using their bodies to get paid for doing absolutely nothing except filming themselves talking about nonsense. I fucking hate this world.

  33. Kallista Metro

    I can't do those meal things, I'm poor as shit.

  34. Nadine Sophie

    Kiwi at the beginning!!!!! This made my day 😂💚💙

  35. stella hawira

    going to get hello fresh now

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