How to learn Chinese characters

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Chinese is not difficult to learn. It is the same as learning any new language [such as English or Latin], even when you first start learning the basics of piano or guitar. For these languages, people only start with the first few chords of the music. In Chinese, learners should start with the basic words used to exchange ideas and ideas.

There are 3,500 commonly used characters in Chinese. People communicate their ideas by using ideas that more or less mean they want to correspond. The general focus is on the ability to develop Chinese communication before learning to write or read Chinese.

In fact, spoken Chinese is quite easy to approach and easy to approach. The first should start with the general concept of the use of words, which corresponds to some simple ideas, such as "I go", "I eat", "I buy" & #39; I buy &# 39; and so on. If no one learns the basic usage of chords, they may not be able to learn the whole music, just learning new languages ​​such as English, Latin and even Chinese.

Common ways to learn languages ​​and Chinese characters:

Radical approach from

 : When teaching Chinese characters, usually focus on the root of each character and its structure. When learning strokes, it is important to learn strokes with the correct illustrations. If learners can use common pictures or symbols associated with the Chinese, then people can better identify and remember them. Learning to pronounce people is important to foreign learners.

System method: from

 When learning a role, you should emphasize pronunciation and then a stroke. This is a systematic approach to the whole idea. Free courses with online learning languages. Even if this method is systemic, it is difficult to learn the language, because Chinese characters are ideographic. The meaning and pronunciation of the characters are integrated into the system. You should first learn simple characters, then compound characters.

Although compared to people who are learning to write and read, it is better if someone uses the spoken Chinese words they use. The blog content provides English sentences and complete Chinese sentence translations online. This method of learning a language is several times faster than learning how to read and write.

In the process of learning, it is best to pay special attention to listening and observe and express at will. Capturing a particular phrase will help someone form a clear idea of ​​how to use it in other sentences that are later built. Learners will use the phrase in a short period of time if they use them again and again, and if they try to understand the use of Chinese when they understand Chinese.

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