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  1. DOA HS Nyotengu

    No offence but the music you tube provides is shit and doesn't sit well at all with the theme of videos.
    Using YouTube music would be like using the barney theme in a recorded video as the background music to a professional Parkour competition.

    I choose the music until i think it goes with the video. And I don't see why i get into trouble, people don't view my videos for the music but it helps set the right mood and I shore as hell don't make money off it so what the hell? This is just you tube and music companies being a bunch of lil bitches. I can see if a person was making money off their stuff, that's stealing, but for people like me to get into trouble and I don't make a cent off it? Hell I a only have five subscribers because i rarely use you tube but when I do its to upload my dji spark videos. I usually use wix which doesn't give me this copyright bs!

  2. Zoha Kidwai

    I only want to upload my video without Monetizing it and the song is listed in the Youtube list, still the link shows that video is not available. I also tried giving credits to the original song in Description. Also i see other's people video posted on the same song. How do i upload my video without any copyright issues?? please help!

  3. TheTH1RSTzZz Lurkz

    I agree with Triumf Ant. And the 2nd# Reason is that if you play all new released songs that have 50 Million views for your outro or intro music on youtube videos and then people enjoy that popular song. Then they like your video because of a song and can relate that they like the same music as you but maybe didnt even like ur content. So, I agree that you should atleast say the song's name while also admitting that the song does not belong to you. If you made a song or beat for your intro or outro youtube video. Then you find out somebody else just started using it for they're own purpose and it becomes really popular and the people enjoy the song and can't find it on youtube or who made it because you didn't give credit to the creator so they miss out on that gratification of making something somebody likes.. You should get credit on a persons video via description if you use somebody elses hardwork. Why? Because you put the work in and it belongs to you.

  4. Dr.Vinay Chandel

    Can we use the music 'carefree' it's there in the yt list of music (I'm just confused)

  5. OffhandAgent

    I bought a song on amazon. Used it on my video and gave credit to the artist. YT blocked my vid. Any helpful tips?

  6. roselenertz

    Hello! I have a question, if im filming and put music ( which are not on the list) but with my phone, like the music its been part of the video and not adding after during the montage. It will be censored too?

  7. Ohk

    How long does the song need to be so It won't be copyrighted? 30 secs right ?

  8. SGL

    My question is this. I make time lapse art videos, and usually I have a song in mind when making a painting. I'm doing this for fun, I don't monetize anything. If I can find the song I really want to use as background to my video, and it says it will be viewable with ads, I can do that? Is that some kind of agreement? Is it like " Sure you can use my music if I can put ads on your video" Or is it, "You shouldn't be using our music and if you do we're going to put ads on your video."

  9. Hugh Tahoob

    I wouldn't even risk it

  10. Endri

    hello Triumph Ant, is there a way to legally pay the artist a few dollars to use their song as a background for your video? Even if it's not in the list? Lastly if you use a song just as ambience to set the mood and not sell anything in the video would it fall under non-monitize?

  11. Derksh

    ad supported music doesn't pop up for me

  12. cutelittle angel

    can you get copyrighted showing a song on musical.ly and putting it on YouTube???-I'm sorry I'm dumb

  13. Yannick

    i created a video and i put really really much time in it but the problem is that the music i used is blocked in some countries and if i would change the song the work i did would be useless cause it fits on the beat.
    it brings nothing to change the pitch or the speed.
    can anyone help pls? (sry for bad english)

  14. Julie TGM

    Omg! I am your 1000 subscribers no joke I saw its 999 then I sub :O

  15. Saskia Cray

    If I'm not monetizing my video I can use any copyrighted song right?

  16. GuitarBill13

    hello mate, in your description you say that you can upload a song from a CD…how will youtube understand that the song has been from a CD and will not be a copyright issue??

  17. Liam

    wait i dont understand still, i see for example, when people do reactions that they change the pitch of songs to avoid copyright, but if it says here that its viewable worldwide do you still need to alter the pitch or so to avoid getting your video getting taken down? or does that mean that you're free to use it in your video as it is?

  18. ayeBeast

    wait so, we can use any instrumental song in our video as a background unless we give credit who made it or who made the original song in the comment section?

  19. Brian McInnis

    That's great. Now tell us how we can actually select those songs for a video.

  20. Val

    Great! Just starting my channel and this is one of the main problems I had in mind. So easy, thank you so much!

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