How to make a creative paper plate sculpture

Looking for a great craft to get creative juices? On a rainy Saturday, what can be used by children? Children of all ages can enjoy many great crafts.

This sculpture does not need to create the main skills, but it is recommended to supervise the little hands. Aluminum foil can cut tiny [not so small] fingers, and no one wants to get dirty with glue. Otherwise, this is a project that is suitable for a wide range of interests and ages.

Some items may require a hot glue gun to properly adhere. Children should always be supervised when using a hot glue gun, although the project supply can be limited to items where conventional glue can be used alone to reduce risk.


  • Cardboard [hard or polystyrene foam board is best for this particular project]
  • Glue
  • Popsicle stick
  • Possibility and end [the goal here is to find the shape to provide the project with three-dimensional quality of small things: styrofoam hemispheres, small parts of wire mesh and coins are a good choice]
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pencil
  • Grease pencil
  • Punch
  • Yarn


1] Turn the paper tray so that the top of the plate faces the table. The bottom of the paper will be the surface you are working on.

2] Place various odds and end items on the back of the board to create a template or pattern that represents the finished product. The beauty of this project is that it is three-dimensional. Be creative and build with different heights and textures.

3] Use a pencil to track the outline of the item and determine where the various items in the sculpture are bonded. [Hint: If the item is stacked according to the position on the board, and the position in the stack – grease pencil can be used to write on the metal piece].

4] If necessary, use glue to paste the items onto the paper tray and other crafts. For many items, regular glue is enough. As the project improves, hot glue may be required. Recommend some heights; but avoid building the sculpture too high, as the entire project will definitely be covered by foil.

5] Let the glue dry completely.

6] Cover the paper tray and sculpture with aluminum foil. Pay special attention to really digging and showing off the corners and gaps in the foil surface. These nuances under the foil really make this project a neat project.

7] Use a puncher to make a hole in the top of the sculpture. The string of yarn passes through the hole and knots.

8] Hang the sculpture in a place that everyone can enjoy. Please enjoy!

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