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  1. Pouya

    Is this from 2001?

  2. Cleb Felm

    gatdam this shit is out of date

  3. Chainless Dre

    helpful tips

  4. Ivic vanel Biawa

    hey i want to learn how to make music video

  5. Poo.

    you're reading something next to the camera, your eyes are moving everywhere. makes us feel like you're saying it without passion

  6. Hyper Production

    This is a really helpful video! I like the way you say you don't need huge amount of expensive equipment so people who have creativity rather than money can also get on board to following a career like this! Keep it up!

  7. Baby girl

    And, It is working with phones good camera's quality ? exemple the samsung galaxy note 2 ?

  8. Rocky Atlantis

    just another unreliable Junk from the Home Garage….!!

  9. MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    DSLR are so in and smaller

  10. Threshold Seven

    I am a composer/producer/mixer using garageband to create completely original music and would appreciate some feedback. Thank you very much.

  11. PGT

    WOW that roller blading tip has toped of my videos Thankyou man

  12. SARAH 'n' TORMY

    The Art is not to use money to get what you want 🙂 It's to be able to have /get what you want without money 😉 Just USE THE FANTASY! And then apply the skill.

  13. Ethan H


  14. IamWade (Darryl Wade)


  15. Dan Potthast

    Can anyone here afford that camcorder he mentioned?

  16. Dylan Hammer

    Dude that camcorder is 1,049 bucks rip off

  17. SantiagoVFX

    About 2k

  18. SantiagoVFX

    dont forget premier pro!

  19. Usund3rdogs

    How much is the camera exactly

  20. Usund3rdogs

    How much d

  21. Gustavo Arce

    How much do you charge to do a music video?

  22. Gustavo Arce

    i have a sony nx5u im gonna start working in my first music video, i need your proffesional help. Please what are the settings i have to use in the camera to get an excellent quality an colors

  23. Jacqueline Roberts

    I find this to be helpful I mean there is a lot I don't know how to do, I mean, there are things all around me and one day I just woke up and began to wonder how they get to us because I didn't know.

  24. Kia's Place

    I just stumbled upon this video because I am shooting my very first music video for class…yikes. I actually recognized a group in your video which is why I am commenting. Deep was their name.

  25. kamasa233 films

    Sir u are amazing I want to my start own video shot production and thanks so much for the tip. Thanks a we can be friends on facebook
    The name is quame kamasa

  26. Rony Large

    Well it's really not that expensive when you compare it to spending well over 30 grand on the camera alone..

  27. Debakinandan Sarkar

    Hi, have you heard about Smarter Money Maker? (just google it) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our wallet. With Smarter Money Maker, you will discover how to earn extra cash faster.

  28. ezekielm2010

    Does anybody know how much the camera cost that he's using?

  29. lissy lu

    i cant afford any of this… guess ill just use my iPhone and video editor app called splice, its a realy good one, and im making a music video with my little sister so come check it out at my channel, its for the song scream and shout

  30. lissy lu

    i cant afford this stuff… guess ill just yse my iphone ab

  31. Wheretogotowastesometime

    You rent the camera(s) if you're smart. Of course if you were actually renting, you'd rent cameras that didn't suck. The same goes with the lighting. This lighting is garbage. You could rent Kino Flo etc for cheap.
    You could rent everything in this video for under $1000.00 easy. That includes two cameras.

    Here's what he doesn't mention. Crew fees. It costs money to hire a crew. Unless they're from India or China where people get paid in rice, you're probably going to have to fork over some cash

  32. motomangp

    I just made my first music video, and only had a tripod and a light, but it turned out pretty good considering I was filming myself

  33. thombles

    what about a ipod?

  34. Frazer loveman


  35. Innauvision Film & Music Studios

    U R A HERO man. My hero. I love the videos

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