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  1. P S

    Just made these, wow they are amazing. Exactly if not better than the local take out joint.


    New subby here and i must say ur food looks delicious please join me as well

  3. Calbenmike

    Holy sugar, Batman!

  4. Dottie Williams

    U just made my stomach growl 😋😋

  5. Brandy Jones

    What’s the purpose of the cornstarch?-Great video thanks for sharing 😊

  6. Toi Haynes

    Thank You for sharing wonderful cooking tips and flavored recipes.
    Home Cooking Made Easy
    My oh My these Wings are very tasty with a chruck very juicy.🎊🎉❤💞💛💗

  7. Brianna

    What oil did you fry them in?

  8. Mat Taylor

    That's lovely fuck face but how bout how much of each ingredient DUH!!

  9. Byte Me

    I'm not a cook so this is all mumbo-jumbo to me.
    I beat my eggs like I'm watching PornHub, is that okay?

  10. Nubia K

    These look 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Clara'sGift

    I'm going to definitely try this, thanks.

  12. 1 2

    A New Yorkers go to Chicken wings and French fries with mumbo sauce! I miss it so 😒

  13. M M

    These sound and look amazing but I can't find the recipe anywhere. Can you post it again and send me a link? Thanks!

  14. Judy Rolle

    Chinese make wings better then the Scottish lol

  15. Rizvi Sarmad

    Wao that’s amazing 😉

  16. Phil N Florence

    This looks awesome Larry. Guess we'll call this a winner winner

  17. Salty Wave

    I'm from DC and currently live in FL… I'm desperate for some carryout from home Thanks!

  18. POLO P

    You should deliver the news you gave all the pertinent information and no filler thanks a bunch

  19. Negaless 1

    W8 what do u mean marinade for a day I'm hungry now lol .)

  20. Chlee CF

    Looks good!

  21. Sherry McDon

    Hummus.Almost had all the steps forgot the eggs so my batter came off.But they smell and taste like Chinese tho.ooooweee.I was so 😁 excited.Add cumm,and old season as well.But thanks oooyea.✔🤓🤓

  22. Malikah Gray

    Omg these look amazing

  23. Edwin Stewart

    Easy mumbo sauce…Ketchup and Hot sauce…Mix…Done. 😎

  24. D.B. Cooper

    great video. thanks


    1. First, get the cat….

  26. Dominique 18

    Oh wow! These look so yummy! That sauce looks on point too! I can’t wait to try this recipe!! Thks @TheWolfePit

  27. KeKe Key

    Looks delish! 😋

  28. Adam Morrison

    never had mumbo sauce but is it the same as mild sauce from harolds?

  29. Derrick Smith

    I learned this recipe from a Chinese sous chef. He told me that it was a quick easier version of sweet n sour chicken😄. Well I'll be..a Queens Father.

  30. Ben Wilson


  31. Deborah Street

    New fan alert👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾💕

  32. Gregory Gaspard

    Say Chinese chicken wings 10 times fast as you can

  33. nichole g

    These came out really good.

  34. JJ

    There is no ketchup in Real DC Mumbo Sauce. Eh

  35. Judy Rolle

    how did the Chinese made them better than the Scottish tho 😂

  36. Vincent E. Tiemersma

    Are you single

  37. Antoinette Bell

    Great job

  38. Roslyn Evans

    I liked the video simply because I'm a native Washingtonian and Yum's got a shout out in this video. This is definitely the authors version of mumbo sauce…real DC mumbo sauce doesn't look like that, but it looks tasty…and those wings look awesome. May make some for the Superbowl.

  39. Janae Fuller

    I was born and raised in Maryland and I would eat mumbo sause for years and when I moved to Florida they had it no where I was so bummed ☹

  40. Jennifer Gocool

    I just made this and I will say my husband is VERY VERY HAPPY! OMG DELICIOUS!

  41. Lady Redd

    I always wondered how they made these. Lovely.

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