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  1. just blaze

    You remind me of lashantae heckard 💕

  2. Kailyn Ricks11

    You looked like nicki minaj for a bit

  3. Thaddeus Jennings

    No cap she fina asf

  4. Thaddeus Jennings

    She sexy as hell

  5. inspired by BTS

    I've never used heat on my hair in my life…and the reason is cuz I'm too lazy. Lol😂I'm 14 btw.

  6. Caleb & Mommy's Adventures

    I have to leave mines alone

  7. Brenda Nyawara

    Put Onika on the phone.

  8. Vinnette Pope

    Thank you for the hair tips 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  9. Sylvie Jo

    i really want my hair to grow

  10. jenifer Kpundeh

    Dammmm! I'm new here.lets get started 👊🏽

  11. PastelPinkFun

    Gurllllll u look like nicki Minaj

  12. Sassy Sauce xoxo

    Did anyone else think she looked like nicki manaj or is it just me ??

  13. Billie's Potato

    Finally I can learn to grow my hair

  14. Brandi Everhart

    Thank u for sharing this with us now i know what to do

  15. Nomaswazi Madi

    Does steam like using the maxiglide good for ur hair? Like the moisture from the water/steam?

  16. Reina Izzy

    My sister cut mine :c

  17. award tjiurouzeu mbaeva

    Does this thng work cuz am nervous

  18. Yvette Cole

    You look so much like Nicki Minaj.

  19. edobor florence

    Thanks very much you are beautiful and cute

  20. robynsegg

    What do you suggest for those of us who take medication? I have Sickle Cell Disease and I take A LOT of medicine throughout my day. I know some medications can break off your hair. What can we do to help us with this problem?

  21. Black Snakke

    Question. does that means i need to use cold water on my hair when I'm taking a shower??

  22. Tsheldon Musamba

    Nice long hair

  23. Dionne Cardona

    Here is my hair before I use rice water.

  24. Dionne Cardona

    The massage for your scalp really work .so don't be lazy it work am still on my hair .and maken my video for it .

  25. Ziyah my frist word was April M.

    You look like blac Chyna and nicki minaj

  26. For His Glory

    Thanks for this Video. I've learned that cutting my split ends and wearing protective styles has caused my hair to really grow. It grew a lot in the last two months I noticed after I took out the protective style. Sometimes after seeing the growth, it looks shabby on the ends (split ends) and I don't want to cut any length of my hair, (I'm so proud of the growth) but keeping split ends cut seems to be my success on my hair growth. Also, I'm not natural. I relax and dye my hair black every so often and it's still growing well, the dye or relaxer hasn't damaged it.

  27. Tiffanie Abomo

    Kinda look like niki minaj

  28. Rubies and Jaspers Jasper

    Very pretty! Thank you!

  29. queen_Hair Roberts

    You look like Nicki Minaj 10sec

  30. Aysha Tucker

    How long did it take to grow?

  31. Sparkle Taurus

    I agree with this video when you take good care & love self eat well excersize drink water stay on a healthy regimen it will feel great inside the plus is you will look fabulous on the outside + feel good about urself Thanks for these tips Miss. Natural

  32. Sparkle Taurus

    She resembles Nicki Minaj from the side view as well as the front WOW, sure your not her twin sister from another Mother ??

  33. Zingce Dantile

    Are you mixed or are you just black

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