How to really know that music is your real call

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This question is not as simple as you think. There are too many people there who spend years working on certain jobs, but the results are too late to be what they really like. This is a dangerous situation, because time is one thing that cannot be remedied in life.

I know that there are too many music types to give up on the way for various reasons. Sometimes it is not under its control. But many times, this is just losing momentum. Now, even this can be further subdivided. There are many reasons for losing power. Some people can't find ways to make money through music, so they give up. Others just don't feel that their creative work is appreciated.

But music is not a single thing. There are many creative things that can be done in the reality of music. A person who is passionate about enough music can find a way to have enough time and energy to make a living.

I thought about it all because I had a rare conversation with a friend of mine last night. He told me that she felt that her life had no purpose. She wants to score. I asked her what she was passionate about. She said she didn't know. I said why you don't know. She said she didn't.

I understand her mentality is a bit difficult because I always have a strong passion and take action against them. For example, I like writing. I also like music, I like the internet, I love business. The intersection of all this is a small startup called MADE. It's the idea we've written and the web application we're developing [you'll hear about our upcoming web-based platform that will help you manage your music business as soon as possible…]. But I found that many people, like my friends, don't have these passions because they don't spend enough time to reflect on who they are.

If you don't know yourself, it's almost impossible to know where you want to go. And I think that you are in your 20s and it’s time to figure it out. I would also like to say that if you are 30 years old, you have not found your passion, it is very difficult to do.

Many of these independent music artists I have given up have given up because they found that they are not what they think. They think they like music, but they really don't.

So how do you know what you really like? How do you know if you have the enthusiasm to focus on certain things and realize your dreams for many years? These are very important issues because time is tight.

I said that you need to pay attention to two things. First of all, the final product you make must give you a sense of pride. You don't have to like to do something to love the end result. Writing text on paper is very stressful for me. This is not something interesting that I said. But I like a complete article. Final product. I am proud of this product. I am proud of helping readers with their own ideas. I am passionate about it. Do you feel this way when you are making music? Are you proud of your fans? It should always be about that, not you.

The second point, I found it to be real, is really passionate about something, and if you hate something else, it will help. You need enemies because they make you passionate and focused. For example, I hate large companies like Microsoft and Macy's that have no soul and no face. They represent my old age. They tend to treat customers harshly because customers are just their walking wallets. I love Google. I like the Internet because it is the opposite of Microsoft in the world. I also like it because its transparency forces the company to be honest, not to treat people like scum. I hate old-fashioned big companies [especially dirty major record companies] and I am passionate about the internet. The enemy lets you focus. What is your enemy?

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