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I have heard a lot about people who bought erhu but didn't know how to set it up. Honestly, if you bought it from a reputable music store or online store, they should have set up your erhu so that you can start playing with minor adjustments. But I don't think that all music stores are equal, and some people may buy second-hand erhus from eBay or some garage sales for curiosity.

Here are the things you need to check to make your erhu a playable condition:

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String from

 – Erhu should have 2 strings. If you missed them, you will need to purchase them. One rope is thicker than the other. The string is hooked around the nail and hooked at the bottom of the erhu.

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go ahead from

 – Erhu Qianjin is the nut of the guitar. It is a string of nylon-like material that pulls the strings closer to the erhu's neck. If you don't have coins, you can temporarily use a thicker nylon cord instead. It is best to buy a roll of gold strings because it is waxed and has the best thickness.

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bridge from

 – The bridge is placed in the center of the snake skin resonator and is pressed by the tension applied by the two strings. Note that the grooves on the bridge are such that the thinner strings are on the smaller grooves and the thicker strings are on the larger grooves.

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sound dampener from

 – The damper is a piece of cloth laid under the rope next to the bridge. The damper should be folded so that it is not too thin or too thick. If the thickness is correct, you should be able to easily place the damper under the strings instead of effortlessly.

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bow from

 – The bow of the erhu bow is left between the two ropes. You push the bow hair inward, punch the inner string, bend the hair outward, and punch the outer string. If the bowstring is not caught between the strings, twist the end pin of the bow counterclockwise. Remove the pin completely and you can remove the frog from the bamboo section of the bow. Pass the frog through the strings and reattach it to the bamboo portion of the bow with the spikes. If the bow is not loose, it will not produce any sound. Take a piece of rosin and rub the bow hair on both sides until the bow hair is lined with rosin powder.

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tuning from

 – The thinner strings are adjusted to A, and the thicker strings are adjusted to D. Push the strings inward so that they do not slide. If your erhu is equipped with a bronze tuner, you can turn the nail.

You are now ready to rock!

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