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  1. Sherry Walker

    Love this so much! I know it’s an old video but always wonderful words! Definitely what I have learned to live by for getting out of the “diet mentality. Thanks for helping me Becca!!

  2. MD

    This is such great common sense. I love the breakdown of how stress will undo what we are doing to make us healthier. I’m ready to adopt a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Rosie … OMG cuteness overload btw. I developed anxiety with dieting. I became an all or nothing person. It’s affected me in other areas of my life too ! This is great info and such a real approach to healthy living ! Thank you !!

  3. Angel Gallardo

    I will be perfect one day…No, just joking! No one believes I'm 51 years old though, I have always looked 10 years younger that my actual age. Hey don't hate me because I'm beutiful! hahaha Joking once again… Great video! I have watched 10 videos of you so far, I got 10 more to go in my play list. Great job on explainng everything the way you do!

  4. Shar Frederick


  5. heather!

    AHH SO LATE BUT I"M SO GLAD THAT I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL! Catching up now :))))) eeekkk! I was raised off a crap diet growing up (basically great value branded everything and veggies/fruit in a can) we have many siblings and were on a budget. as an adult i can feel my body cringing and curdling! i've started plexus which is a gut health supplement brand and its been doing wonders of healing from the inside out. my body now craves all the whole foods that liven me up! ugh i love it. so glad i found someone like you that make it seem fun and realistic!!!

  6. marioandluigi1223

    Can you do a video on nutrition educational books recommendations and/or educational podcast you enjoy? Anything in that sort of realm:)

  7. Fleur MP

    Amazing! More please x

  8. Kimberly W

    absolutely love this one!!!
    Also, it took me a bit to figure out who you sound/look like but Jillian Harris!! I totally see it even though she has dark hair!

  9. Alisa Brandhorst

    I just came across your vlogs the other day…where have you been all my life?!?! In a year I will be turning the BIG 50!!! And I really need a “lifestyle change”. I truly believe you have opened my eyes and heart to change. I am so glad I found you. Keep up with the “what I eat” vlogs, really helps me on what to eat. I can’t thank you enough!!!

  10. Emily A

    Loved loved loved this video! So ready to get rid of the diet 'noise" in my life!

  11. Rachael Wright

    BECCA! You are literally 100% inspirational to me! I'm starting college in the Fall after a year off and I am so excited to be healthy! Your voice and opinions speak to me so much! Thank you for sharing a better way!! 💙😊

  12. Joana Sousa

    I absolutely loved this!! I rewatched it again now and this is exactly what i needed!

  13. Aditi Sapkota

    so eating 400 calories of belgian chocolate is good? I need to stop kidding myself

  14. Sofia Silva

    I love watching your videos ❤️ keep it up, I'm learning so much and helps me stay motivated and consistent with my healthy active lifestyle ☺️

  15. Janee Alli

    Becca thank you so much for this video that’s all I can say rn because I want to say SO much more, I’ve lost over 70 lbs and have become a 5k runner, I went from 200- 126lbs and it is time that we remind ourselves its a balance & a lifelong journey thank you for the reminder 💕

  16. Michelle Layfield

    this video was so real, and exactly what i needed to hear. thank you

  17. Jamie Lynn

    I really, REALLY needed to hear this. I'm an all or nothing person. I've been struggling to lose about 30 pounds for a long time due to a medicine. I've always had that all or nothing approach to diet and exercise. which always leads to me to contantly quitting both off and on. Thus accomplishing nothing. Thanks so much for this!

  18. Eve learns to be a Loser

    Oh my goodness you give such great advice!! I love your channel!!! ❤️❤️

  19. albino hedgehog

    Love this video! I recently did about a month of 'Slimming World', which is basically a really restrictive low fat, low sugar diet popular in the UK, and it was SO stressful! I just couldnt maintain it, plus everything i ate tasted really bland because there was no fat in it. Naturally i ended up binging and giving up. Thank you for this video, it's helped me understand where I went wrong. I think i just need to focus on eating like a normal eater ie. a person who doesn't diet or binge. Im so glad I can eat avocado again, now that Im not following the 'fat is evil' diet! Yay for balance! x

  20. CoffeeBeMyObsession Boo

    That's what many people needed to hear. You answered almost all my questions and resolved all my struggles. I now realize that there's things that are so much more important than just killing my brain with food and workout obssession, with the desire to be "healthy" but only on the outside… Now i've understood that being healthy starts with the inside, and i'll trynna be kind with myself ; cause our body is the only person who wont leave. 😁
    Thank you sooooo much Becca, i discovered you a few hours ago and i already love what you do! Continue what you're doing, thanks for all you're AMAZING. ❤️❤️💪🏼

  21. Adrianna B

    YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE omg I would watch an entire video with just your dog

  22. That Mom Krystal

    I wanted to thank you so much for this video! I really needed to hear this i started a really strict vegan diet at the beginning of this year and at first I felt amazing but then i became obsessed with what i was eating and it was so so stressful! i felt like a complete failure for feeling like i didnt want do it anymore… but coming across your video it really spoke to me and made so much sense so thank you:)

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