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  1. Natacha Océane

    whispers 🤫 Sorry for suddenly losing my voice half way through this video! 💛

    On the topic of my last tip about not feeling guilty creating space, I’ve been thinking about making a video about the power of being an introvert, which is something I’ve been learning about a lot recently. I’d love to know if you’d be interested in that kind of topic ☺️

    Lots of love and see lots of you in LA soon! 🤗☀️

  2. MollysBeautiee

    What gym trainers were you wearing at the star?!!!

  3. Helmi Järvinen

    Loved it.🥰🔥

  4. Cassie Best Ever!

    I noticed that the refrigerators in other countries are so much smaller than those in the US.

  5. Melissa

    thanks girl! i needed this.. were midst between moving.. you are so smart and motivating!

  6. Elena

    Came from school, watched Natacha’s new video and then off to the gym. Love you💗💗

  7. Cam Uribe R

    A bag of Doritos is a whole meal in calories but they're so gooood 😭

  8. Bonita Jobson

    Oooo can we have a stretching for box splits video please.. also a goal of mine ☺️

  9. Mary Caroline

    i adore your arms ugh i want arms like yourssss 😍😍 awesome natacha!

  10. V. V Sparkles

    This just came around the right tome you know, Natacha I just joined Uni 3 months ago and I've been so so busy 😭😭😭unable to make time for the gym, I literally run on 5 hours of sleep everyday 💔.I feel like college students have no acess to healthy food since we are so busy we dont cook .Tysm for uploading this video ❤

  11. Julia Kirsty

    Your advice is just on point imho! I just realized a few days ago that I had a totally weird thinking pattern when it comes to training. I can be insanely fixated on things and that will mean, I sometimes don't even see the alternatives. Like: Yes I planned to do a specific type of weight training and no, I don't always find the time to do it. But that doesn't mean I can't train at all. And as simple as that sounds, I was stuck. Things like that happen, it's okay, we're all humans . So I think it's great that you meantioned that in this video as well. And about the overthinking etc.: I do that too and what helps me is writing everything down. Sometimes just as it comes to my mind and sometimes incorporating it in a story or a poem or lyrics. Writing – for me – is like cleaning up the mind. This may not work for a lot of people though. I told some friends to try it and it wasn't their cup of tea at all. But yeah, as you said: we all can find our own ways to snap out of it.

  12. Nichijou Kimiko

    I wasn't a subscriber but this vid just got dropped on my YT reccomendations page. Have watched all of a minute so far but just saw that we have the same fridge and suddenly feel committed 😂

  13. Holli Fullbright

    Ahhh!! Love your videos so much! Please do more 💓💓💓

  14. Lizzie W

    This came at such an important time for me. I've just started vet school (my life's aspiration!) coming straight off of a summer where fitness and being active outside was my number one priority, and I was exercising up to 4 hours a day.
    Accepting the fact that studying now has to be my priority, and that fact that I no longer have anywhere near as much time or energy to dedicate to fitness, has been a big shift: but having watched this and seeing how it's all of the little healthy choices that make the biggest difference has really made me excited about working small changes into my new daily routine 💜

  15. lilbluebuggaboo

    Do you stay active on your non gym days? I’m a potato on days i don’t gym and i feel like that makes my next workout a little tougher :/

  16. Snowflakeah Fox

    yes! please make a video on the power of being an introvert!!💓💕💞 I love all your videos 🙂

  17. Snowflakeah Fox


  18. Nicole Thorbecke

    I love the valuable information that you give in your videos, but sometimes when it’s a sit down video, I get a little bored even though the info is so good because there aren’t a lot of visuals. But GIRRRLL, those little clips and things you added to this video made all the difference! You’re such a good content creator 🙂

  19. Ana Vega

    Thank you so very much for this video! It’s JUST what I needed as I’m going to be starting this new job soon thats going to require a lot more of time. Deff will be referencing back to it when I get to the point of “oh what’s the point of a 15 min jog” ..as a reminder that every little bit is better than nothing at all. Thanks again!!

  20. Clare Nguyen

    Aha Mario hitting u with the pillow😂 also it would be rlly cute if u guys made a couples channel

  21. Clare Nguyen

    Ur hair looks so nice😍😍😍

  22. Clare Nguyen

    Wow I love you so much!!

  23. Florence G

    Her hair looks especially nice in this video. She’s stunning

  24. Emilee Morehouse

    Love this, and you!!! Ps your jeans 😍😍So cute. Also… I dunno if this is something About England but why is your fridge so small? In the stated our fridges are massive! Haha

  25. Emily Taylor

    We're visiting LA rom the great white north at the end of the month, whaaa?? When will you be in town?? 🙂

  26. Sonia Khan

    You just be just as proud of the lindors as the frozen banana

  27. Thea Olsson

    I was so shocked at the “no” scene cause suddenly I saw a word I recognized (I’m from Sweden). I even went back to se if it really were a Swedish word😂

  28. Matilda Roos

    This was just what I needed! Back to school and being a lot "softer" than when summer started I needed motivation to stay healthy 😝 you're amazing and I've been watching your videos so many times even my boyfriend recognizes them and tells me "you've already seen that one three times" ☺️❤️ lots of love!

  29. AlliAsAlways

    Love the encouragement! 💜💜🌞

  30. whatsinaname

    Could you do a Bosu ball workout, please?Thanks <3

  31. KarinaV

    Omg thumbs up for Peacky bliders, y'all

  32. Powerful Pauline

    Did anyone else get up & start stretching while watching once Natacha mentioned it? 😂✌

  33. K

    What stretches are you doing for the box split?

  34. BeyondTheBop

    Lately I eat more than I should and I eat quicker than I used to. I’m struggling really hard.

  35. Anita Maes

    Queen! It was Queen. They always get me motivated 🙂

  36. Olinda Rosales

    Hey Natasha!
    Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦

  37. i am a dolphin

    So this might sound a little weird but I love your arms and shoulder😍!

  38. Jamie Lee Ashton

    Being healthy makes me feel good inside and just overall happy with myself 😊💕

  39. TaylorSwiftGleek

    Sending you love from Ireland😊🇮🇪

  40. _aniika .jaja_

    I can't I love your message so much! You go girl ❤

  41. Viscount Julian

    "Being healthy is the sum of all the little choices we make."
    Couldn't agree more. It's not how many reps you can do, how long you can run, or how many vegetables are in your fridge.
    It's simply making those little choices time and time again knowing that you are making yourself better.
    Sooner or later you'll have La Croix instead of beer, a smoothie instead of cookies, and go for a run instead of sitting in front of a screen and you'll think, "How did I even get here?"
    That's the goal.

  42. Marco Andaloro

    A video on your experience on developing a healthy relationship with food would be very helpful!

  43. Jazmine Felix

    I’m 25 I have 2 kids and I home school both I have a 5 year old boy and a 6 year old girl.. and let me tell you that I don’t have time for nothing I also have to clean and cook and go to church take care of my husband and myself all at the same time… So I just wake up earlier like at 6 workout then go on with my day. And now that I’m home schooling…I would workout 4 days out of the week and now I can only do 3…but I’m still proud that I push it throw and not give up on my own needs and wants. It’s hard but great things don’t come easy! Keep being great everyone you can do it!!!! We all have the same 24 hours!!! What are you going to do with yours??

  44. JSHEN

    Love the new drone shots! Truly upping the game every video and I love it!👌🏼❤️

  45. Ingrid Azzopardi

    you have no idea how much i needed this video

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