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    Hi guys, just leave a comment if you would like to know the transliteration of your English name. 🙂

  2. Poco The Chico

    hello andy.How i can write my name in chinese ? my name is POKA

  3. matagumpay mantuano

    hi sir can i have a favor.can u translate this name..jessamy averil.tnx

  4. vishal saini

    Plz translate my name vishal

  5. XxlilrosyxX 09

    Anqi Zou=邹安琦

  6. Anieeta

    How will "Anita" be written in Chinese? Thanks!

  7. Rebecca Chastain

    Do you have an explanation somewhere why the tones are that way?

  8. chansoriya khoun

    My name's soriya how to say in chinese ?

  9. Younis Alamarat

    My name is Younis and I'm from Jordan. So, what's the Chinese names

  10. Lhyn Santos

    Hi Andy,my name is First name:Evangeline and my Last name is Santos,what about my chinese name?thanks

  11. Aelii Jxck

    hello Mr.andy.
    it’s might be a little weird but this is my real name “lovely”. how do we say in chinese?

  12. My name is "Khemrin" how to say in Chinese? thanks

  13. Mandarin teacher with a good English speaking . I Love you thanks for sharing your knowledge




    Andy! My name is satyam…How can I translate it in Chinese?

  16. Heloisa Fernandes

    Well, that's interesting. Probably my name would be "heluoyisha" (without tones). Ok, better create a new chinese name for me.

  17. Buddha lama

    Andy老师你好,My name is Buddha(布达) surname is Tamang.how can I translate 'Tamang'?

  18. Kia aap ko maloom Hai ?


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