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  1. Ben Nguyen

    Regarding the metabolic theory of cancer, would carb-loading after 23 hours of fasting neutralize any of its benefits? Or should ketosis be continuously maintained?

    Also regarding the 100 pill herb cocktail,
    (Berberine -Curcumin phytosome -Green tea phytosome -Boswellia -Milk thistle -N-Acetyl Cysteine -Ashwaganda -Resveratrol -Genistein -R-Lipoic acid -Quercetin -TianChi -Inner Peace),

    is there any specific principal why each/any would make it effective against cancer? The links I've seen on GreenMedInfo show the results of the herbs, but was wondering what the potential theory of why it works.

    BTW, could the Inner Peace supplement help with sleep?

  2. Strength Axle

    This is great! Wondering why resveratrol and not astaxanthin

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