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  1. adi ct

    this is so wrong

  2. manofsan

    Headbands aren't AI – they're the opposite. Headbands are attached to real non-artificial brains, as opposed to Artificial Intelligence which is about software "brains" that do machine learning, pattern recognition and various other brain-like things. Why would you blur those 2 things together? I suspect it's because the author lacks intelligence.

  3. KenRobert1

    Why China? I like the old China. I don’t like this advanced China. No wonder allot of Chinese running to Africa, America and all over the world.

  4. Kick Jowkowski

    China is a prison

  5. Last Thing

    This is truly ruling with fear

  6. Nicholas McLaughlin

    China is determined to turn the world into the Borgs

  7. fry chao

    I know nothing about this,but I do know big screens had sat up beside the crossroad in some cities. people who broke the traffic light,their faces will be shown on the screen

  8. Wei Zhang

    Every time I saw the western media, I feel disgusting! Everything is evil in China, ok , only you happy!

  9. Xzila

    If you don't give permission your social score goes down and you cant ride train home from orientation.

  10. hubert chibuye

    This is why I am not a fan of IA.

  11. pankaj rout

    The children are like prisoners in class

  12. Fredy Rojas

    That's why the are becoming leaders in the world. I have a Huawei p30 pro and I love it

  13. hairlesheep

    I'll probably have to invest in mental health institutions in China. Huge returns predicted. Probably pharmaceutical companies that specialize in SSRIs like Duloxetine, Citalopram, Escitalopram, Fluoxetine, or Venaflaxine

  14. Teckone Extended clip

    They are trying to control humans thoughts and behavior invest millions but come up with excuses for cure of cancer and other disease.

  15. U Karthik

    Just concentrate on thinking bullshit…I mean that's it😁😆😁

  16. LoL

    This is horrifying

  17. Bailey Jorgensen

    China is scary, man. I’m glad I don’t live there.

  18. akash anil

    This is the new Matrix movie

  19. Zweihander11

    So even though this may seem like 'perfect'… What's wrong with someone thinking outside the box?

  20. Weimin Sun

    This is not intelligent in any means. It’s total control of children’s behaviors through evil technology. China is making the next generation of storm troopers. In another word, invasive robots. The world needs to be aware!

  21. Ankit Jhala

    Obviously boosting grades is more important than human freedom and agency over oneself..

  22. Ravindra Kumar

    So turning students into robots. Freedom who cares, just sit and memorise the formulas which you'll never use ever again after school.

    Technologies are supposed to help people live their life easier not loosing their life forever.

  23. GOD of War

    the product is beats by dre 0:14 hmm dr.dre is now rich!

  24. Ajey Ravi

    This world making human into machines and make machines into humanising what is wrong with you all people.

  25. Prince P

    But still don't speak English tho but Chinas futuristic way to every thing is absolutely bananas consider is biggest population in the world with biggest surveillance cameras also biggest cashless pay its amazing you can pay with your face I'd

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