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  1. Will C

    Your videos are so well done!

  2. anna dela prochnow

    This was great! Can you try vegan too pls!

  3. Positive Impact

    I just spent the summer in China as a vegetarian, and I approve this video :-). I reached out to you about it before my travel, and you were very helpful. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Felix Luk

    You can always go visit a Buddhist temple and eat there.

  5. Pete R

    good luck going vegetarian in Inner Mongolia…

  6. Yolanda Liu

    The 小南瓜 is actually grey zucchini. As a Chinese I didn’t know that zucchini is called 小南瓜 in some places. Hahaha. It’s called 生瓜 where I grew up. People also call it 西葫芦 in some places.

  7. Zhang Shawn

    I'm starting hungrey

  8. LH Chow

    For many Buddhist vegetarians in China, egg is a no no, considered meat also.

  9. hot Asian

    I never become a vegetarian,i really love all kinds of meats.

  10. Why no Chinese 😭😭

  11. Steven Bonczyk

    Yo wagas is the bomb.com!!!

  12. Alexandros Megas

    to be honest china is not friendly to pure vegan.

  13. Tao Yu


  14. Invincible David

    Thanks for you impassioned intro to Chinese food!

  15. tidu jiumen


  16. ;ᄆᄉᄆ

    being vegan/vegetarian is easy anywhere! there’s vegetables everywhere lol

  17. Zhang Jingwei

    Amy, absolutely brilliant idea of creating this episode.

    I enjoyed watching it and at the end, I really think my mom will like you. Lol

  18. Wenhua Zhao


  19. Eiraku Chin

    4:15 的「我对____有过敏」的「有」感觉很生硬啊,直接「我对____过敏」不可以么

  20. Anunaki Atlantis

    You can tell that you ciak jay. and no pig oil , because you are Maitreya , to make them understand about the food that you want
    Try at taiwan too there is king of vegetarian or vegan.
    No Meet, no MSG ,No garlic.
    Allot mashroom food that more delecius that meet or burger

  21. 黄辰旭

    I thought the vegetarian doesn't eat egg before this video.

  22. Xin Sun

    At 2:05, there is a "切克闹" on the paper bag of Jian Bing 😀

  23. 几纷纷


  24. Zhou JIANG

    Never thought about that. But I can’t think about a restaurant without veggies in my home town.

  25. Mingchong Liu

    you'd better avoid to eat spicy hotpot, cause most of are made of animal oil

  26. Shia Lebeouf

    another great video

  27. Wuzhang Fang


  28. Walden the supermodel

    Can you do a video about how to be vegan in China? I have a vegan friend who's going to China and she's terrified

  29. 9981v

    disanxian lol

  30. Mingshi Li

    Girl you are now "propagandarized" by your dear British and American fellows. So sad.

  31. xiaojin dong


  32. Yuan Neil

    Lol where did you get this shangdong accent AMY it's so funny just like when people hering me speaking aussie in the outback, they were like are you from straya, I say haha no I am only backpacking!

  33. Ming Zhu

    when are you going to Tibet, that's my dream place 😜

  34. Sirian Alien

    What kind of Chinese dialect is it you’re speaking?

  35. Druiber Chow

    Just to put some additional info here:
    most of the time, vegetarians in China are religious, they are Buddhists. Almost every large city has at least one Buddhism temple and — more than one Buddhism restaurants. And in such restaurants, every dish is cooked with strict vegetarian standards, and extremely delicious, even more so than meat.
    Likewise, there are also many many Muslim restaurants, as you can imagine, they are also religious, absolute avoidance of pork and alcohol.
    So I think these foods are representing our culture, that every religion, every race, every belief is welcome and encouraged in China (so long as it is not anti-human), and vice versa, these religious establishments welcome guests of all kinds.

  36. Tired AF

    I would not eat in so many of those places, even my grandma wouldn't, she always bring her own chopsticks and water too..

  37. Angela Ivett


  38. hifrank001

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Very good Chinese

  39. 王谷歌


  40. Francesca Delsole

    Your videos are amazing! All of them! I really miss chinese food, soooo delicious. When I went to Beijing I was vegetarian and it was super easy eating only veg.
    Since at the moment I'm quite stuck in the middle with my life, watching your videos I feel so inspired that I 'm planning to go back to China and try to stay this time. After my BA I' d like to find a traineeship or something for at least six months and then I'll see if I manage to stay for a longer period .
    By the chance, does anyone know if there's still quarantine for pets? I want to move to China with my super buddy-dog!
    (Sorry for my mistakes in English)

  41. ningning liu


  42. Girasolll


  43. ningning liu


  44. 이지연

    I wanna know classroom restaurant and the last one

  45. jun liu


  46. Sandman Lee

    And I’ve got the idea for your next video: Muslim food in China.

  47. Sandman Lee

    They say the best veggie food are in temples, like the LingYin Temple in Hang Zhou. Can almost make you don’t miss meat anymore.

  48. Mke Strong

    This video is really brilliant. Btw, Tofu should be the No.1 choice for vegetarian. There are all kinds of Tofu and hundreds of ways to cook it.

  49. McKing Alexandre

    FYI some dishes may contain lard or beef tallow even if there's no visible meat

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