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  1. Chen Ning

    liar speak in TED, what a pitty!!!! shame on her

  2. Bored Candy

    Funny how people teach others about winning when they're not even winning it themselves.

    If you can't beat them ban them.

  3. Yan Maggie

    This kind of biased views and speech should not be on TED!!!

  4. Ryan Y

    irrelevant, all about political propaganda but nothing about technology.

  5. nizicike

    This woman should go to Muller's team that will make impeachment easier

  6. s c

    Deranged and delusional! Purveyor of poison!

  7. mperor me

    Demonic speaker

  8. matt tim

    Hahaha Amazing brainwashing. Applaud sheep applaud.

  9. dev0n james

    investigating you would be interesting I bet.

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