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  1. minnie saab


  2. Uriel De La Vega

    Interesting 👍

  3. Ajit Das

    Please make a video about Mastrubation

  4. Lester Lasa

    I take 2000 mg per day

  5. white tiger

    Vitamin d is the main for rat poison… Check it out on Google…

  6. Keysha Jones

    I heard once before that vitamin D were good for us. But I alway forget to get them

  7. End Times Watcher

    U forgot to talk and recommend vit D3 + K2 taken together.

  8. Raquel Morocho

    Hey …I come from Ecuador, but actually live in Germany, this is true. How important is the son in our lives.

  9. Ranjit Sandher Rai

    My vitamins D was on 0% in 2011 and than in year 2012 April I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 2cnd stage

  10. dian TV

    Thank you so much for that message

  11. Lazy Jesus

    I’ve recently had surgery for bowel cancer but it spread to my liver so I’m due to begin chemotherapy in a few weeks. My doctor has prescribed a course of vitamin D3 20,000iu as my D level is low. I’ve done a bit of research into VitD3 and it seems there’s information that claims it may prevent & possibly help to shrink or even get rid of cancer. It appears the sun is not as harmful as we’ve been led to believe. The sun is life giving and health aiding so wherever you are make sure you expose your skin to the uv rays (within reason) and allow your body to convert the rays to VitD and be healthy. And yes I live in England where the sun is shy ☺️ ⛅️

  12. usha kumari

    Hello, Natural cures,I don't know ur good name,then also happy New year 2020 in advance,wish u more success es.

  13. Mitchell Bast


  14. nasser fathy

    Please return to translate into Arabic in the description box

  15. Idrees Parmar

    What a beautiful relaxing voice you have dear sis thank you for healthy information

  16. Lajwanti Shahani

    Last year I had a severe deficiency of vitamin D and B12, plus an underactive thyroid and bladder tumor which tested with carcinogenic probability as stage zero cancer. Bringing my vitamin levels to normal asap was the first step of my treatment.

  17. Rosalind R

    Sunscreen also has chemicals that go directly into bloodstream. I was very deficient in D living in upstate ny. Had to fight w/ dr just to get bloodwork.

  18. DStray Cat

    Great presentation 🙂 However, it missed a very important point… Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, like Statins, destroys the body's ability to make Vitamin D… The Skin is made of Cholesterol and when the Sun hits the skin, the Cholesterol is converted to Vitamin D… If the Cholesterol is depleted, Vitamin D follows… It doesn't matter how much Sun a person is exposed to, if they lack the Cholesterol to make it… Nuf said…

  19. Allen Miller

    You forgot to mention that you should take Vitamin K2 with your Vitamin D supplement.

  20. Allen Miller

    Our Canadian Government does not consider Vitamin D a hormone of concern. They will not pay for the Vitamin D test unless you have osteoporosis. Its kind of late to be checking your Vitamin D test by that time. I don't mind paying the $35 for the test. What bothers me is that I need a permission slip from my doctor to get this blood test.

  21. alkinoos vlassis

    throw away the sunglasses,because the eyes are the main vitamin D receptor …

  22. Ozark Sapper

    Right on… far too often are we led astray from the truth. Too many doctors and scientists say, “Stay out of the sun because you’ll get skin cancer”. But the truth is that the sun is good for you. Yes some people can become ill, but not everyone.

  23. Jungle Jargon

    I get too much vitamin D. It is literally coming out of my pours in the form of pimples thanks to the mandate of putting it in all of the milks and cereals.

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