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  1. X-Entrik 97

    "i'M tHe ReAlEsT" seriously?
    Well this South African fan would've only missed 1, the one about dorm room or whatever.

  2. Hadasah Franklin

    Omg I got all of these right😭😭

  3. Monty

    I knew all these answers before they gave options

  4. Numraal

    Bro the masked guy😭😭

  5. Nikki Lately

    I did awful lol

  6. Anael Amores

    Im the realest 😂😂😂😂

  7. Emmanuel Ortiz

    I swear I was in the Marine Corps with the dude with the Dreamville shirt!!! I forgot your name bro lol it been like 9 years but you liked it dude!!!

  8. Nydia Ward

    Yoooo these comments tho😭😭

  9. lizbeth

    i love jermaine

  10. Jawad

    do weeknd

  11. sonicwonic

    Dude with the dreamville crewneck on is a die hard fan, dope haha

  12. acid 101


  13. xorio beats

    that girl with the camp jacket oml she was goin off😭

  14. kelly collins

    éloi did good

  15. Flykilla2353 Thomasn

    I know all of these I was so shitty when they was getting them wrong

  16. Blake Harris

    This guy is giving them the easiest question

  17. TheOfficial KingTy

    Bro I didn’t miss one😂💯

  18. TheMc1436

    Fun fact: he stopped using therapist because it looked like “the rapist”

  19. Gucciness

    Lmaooo ngl I said the realest too even though ik the song 😂

  20. R3KTRAY

    Do a Drake one!

  21. LikkleForecast _

    Ngl i thought therapist came first

  22. Mark Plunkett #JVLOGS

    This was nice 👍🏾

  23. Im Not A Racist I Hate Everyone

    When i found out dude who said "first things first im the realest" got it from iggy, i got murderous thoughts.

  24. Dee

    Y'all shoulda had prizes

  25. E F

    They just gonna forget elite like that aight

  26. Δημήτρης Αντωνιάδης

    Who's the short girl? 😭

  27. Vrtigoo !

    He said I’m the realest

  28. Montrel Jackson

    Please go listen to my song called TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT 💔 : and please like follow and enjoy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Luyanda Cele

    He said I’m the realest 😦 he knew he’d fuck up so he wore a mask

  30. MegaHi2345

    jacques the lichetenstein tee is hard dog

  31. King T

    Cole world is a lyrical Titan

  32. Demilade Toye

    I did great😎 only missed that part where he was asking about the dorm room Cole was rapping in

  33. SamigIN

    First things first… let me get that introduction
    We on a the long road to self-destruction (Don Toliver fan)

  34. Rishabh Pandey

    I like when genius quotes lyrics.
    Their lyrical videos are dope!

  35. Kona Anderson

    This man referenced Iggy azaela🤭

  36. Pranav Agrawal

    J Cole is king

  37. A'Bre House

    I ain't even gon front. As a Cole fan, sadly "I'm the realest" came to mind before rip uncle phil

  38. Ken Johnson

    Y'all beating up the guy with the mask in the comment section after he clearly stated he wasn't from there, so he probably isn't as big of a J Cole fan as your average local

  39. Grown Simba

    Damm, some of these people are definitely not true cole fans

  40. I just Comment

    Come to Norfolk and do Pusha T

  41. Elmer Escanuela

    Answered all of these right, wish I was there 😤😭

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