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  1. Bryan Sales

    Now that the police started the use of lethal weapon, I can only speculate what comes next.

  2. Eva Wong

    Your reporter is no better then the most is the western media, tell lies n disgraceful, we say Hong Kong people have the freedom to protest but have to be in peace, violent is never be acceptable, no any country will tolerate violence. Your spread the fake news too.

  3. punit mahajan

    Free Tibet

  4. Summer Roll

    The problem with HK is the city has made a lot of money in the last 30 years because of being the stepping stone into China, however the wealth has only benefited the economic elites and has not been shared with the average HK people. It is a bit like what has happened in the U.S.that lead to the rise of Trump.

    For the last 30 years, real average wage has actually went backward. Couple this with the fact that other cities in the mainland and surrounding region have surpassed or are surpassing HK (i.e Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Singapore, Taipei, KL & …). The future economic outlook for the average HK Chinese is not going to get better and IR 4.0 is around the corner. It is this lost of hope, uncertainty about the future, lost of competitive advantage, economic frustrations (i.e. high standard of living, unable to afford housing/home & …) and other political motivated elements that are promising unrealistic expectations to the less privileged mass that is fueling the rioting and juvenile acts.
    The real issue/problem for HK is the protestors/rioters are shooting the HK people in the foot (feet) and opening the door for places like Singapore or Taipei to replace the role of HK for the CCP.

    Singapore is now signaling and probably saying to the CCP; "Pick me, pick me … we are now the no. 1 financial hub in Asia and arguably in the world and we are fundamentally a Chinese society as well. A great fit for China don't you think?"
    The trouble is when you are young and feel wronged, there isn't a lot of strategic thinking going through your head. That is what's happening with some of the struggle HK youths. Very sad but true 🙁

  5. Colin Tan

    The terrorists station can be accidentally bombed like in the Bushshit era.

  6. Josie Lam

    The police was called to arrest violence and force in order to keep peace and order. The rioters were attacking police with fatal weapons. Sarah conveniently didn’t disclose all the truth. Your news is FAKE news. It’s part of the West Media Propaganda.

  7. Josie Lam

    Your reporter in HK, Sarah, did not tell the truth. She didn’t tell you the rioter got shot by police because he and other rioters ran down and attacked a policeman with fatal weapons. Another policeman while trying to help and rescued his colleague, he was attacked by this same rioter using a heavy fatal metal bar. In

  8. Alejandro Fernandez

    Come on Al Jazeera felt like I was watching Fox News BS, these Hong Kong protestors are not peaceful and fighting for vague and conservative reactionary values they carry banners that literally say “Trump saves us!” And “Make Hong Kong Britain again!” These are not progressive rioters they appeal to fascist like trump and their former UK colonial overlords.



  10. dazeight qfourhundred

    Gordon Chang thank you for supporting Hong Kong people. All we want is our FREEDOM from Chines Communist Party. Mr President Donald Trump please continue US trade War with Chines Communist China until their economy collapse.

  11. K Chan

    Is this a typical 2 against one bullying of a fight? Gordon has repeatedly predicted the decline of China for over a decade and he's repeatedly been proven wrong on every prediction so why is such non credible source still being invited to these political discussions? How about inviting some one who is pro government from Hong Kong to elaborate the domestic terrorism that's taking place right now? Is the world blind and just enamor with itself of false perceptions and understanding because it hurts too much to know the truth?

  12. Dag

    Police brutality! You want to see police brutality check out protests in some western world countries. What about the stone throwing, pipe bashing, petrol bombing Hong Kong protestor violence?

  13. Bee be Cee

    Kick the CIA out of Xinjiang or it will end up like Afghanistan.
    Gordon'China'Chang is a backdoor economist and a bullshitter.

  14. david tan

    Who is that guy in SEOUL , Mr. Stupid ?

  15. david tan

    Do you guy realize that this kind of protest would not be permitted anyway around world.

  16. Paul Barrett


  17. Makekikkeli

    Ayy where's my 50cent army at?

  18. Earth

    Fake protesters

  19. Unknown Zone

    The CCP man lies.
    There will be other places for the US to sell to. Any other Asian country that US tech companies move to and help lift those out of poverty, for profit.

  20. madan basnetmadan

    What's wrong saying police brutality? They don't talk about protesters brutality. Shame

  21. Michael J

    Love to see Gorden’s bullshit got caught right in front of your eyes. Lol

  22. Kennedy Nyangacha

    The only greatest weakness of the Chinese leadership of now is the inability to stop the protests of Hong Kong once and for all like they did in 1989.

  23. Michael J

    Taiwan’s founding principle is one China. It is written in their constitution. Hongkong is part of China. The British never allowed the hongkong people to vote. They never had democracy. If these people are protesting in America like how they do it in hongkong they will be killed. The polices in hongkong are very restrained. And we all should pay great respect to hongkong police.

  24. Gautam Thakur

    are you crazy? guerilla warfare, China could finish these rioters in hours

  25. Stuart McLaren

    The CHinese Communist Party aggressively promotes itself as synonymous with the nation of China. It is not! Just as the present Pope is not the Catholic Church. The greatest empire the world has ever known lasted 800 years and its collapse was complete. The CCP has not even made 80 years yet and the cracks are showing. I don’t know how the CCP think it is going to woo the Taiwanese. Despite the long shadow cast over Taiwan by China, what they have achieved is remarkable in prosperity, peace, harmony and democracy. Inside and outside of Taiwan what a wonderful delightful people the Taiwanese have become. When the turmoil erupted in Hong Kong it has only increased the distrust and opposition that many Taiwanese have towards the mainland. Some of the most pertinent statements that have been said to us by elderly locals. “The CCP talks about the love of the motherland. There is no love lost here as this the mother we don’t want.” “We want to be an independent nation as our first choice but if we are forced to live under occupation, we would much rather live under modern Japan than that of China”. An incredible slap in the face for the CCP?

  26. Francis Chan

    Is he the so-called China expert ?

  27. Doogie Chen

    What a joke, 2019 80000 CCP Chinese from mainland China ( the 2nd economics country ) apply refugees status in Australia

  28. Doogie Chen

    Calling all people who support freedom and democratic systems to support Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xingjing became a permanent democratic countries. Don't buy made in China products, buy your local products to increase the Jobs opportunity.

  29. Yerris

    Truth on the gunshot: /watch?v=hHtsYoO0Lt0

  30. Les Jones

    Communism still not working.

  31. Bakshi Baksi

    US want to jewify China, they are more pagan than the german Nazis Americans say

  32. Anand Ramlal

    China the new bully to the world.keep buying ..made in China

  33. gill khaur

    western media biased

  34. Mark Douglas

    Gordon Chang has published several books critical of China.

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