How your sleeping position affects your health

What is the best sleep position for your health? On average, we have lived for 25 years. There are many benefits to sleeping well – it not only rejuvenates the body, but also makes the brain work best. We all realize that time is very precious, so it is vital that sleep time is effective.

It turns out that what matters is not only the duration of sleep, but also where you are. Doctors claim that this is your favorite sleep posture and can cause your health problems. Here, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of the various sleeping positions to help you choose the right place to sleep.

Soldier position 1:06
Starfish position 2:14
Record position 3:16
Senior position 4:22
Fetal position 5:40
Free fall position 6:33
Upright position 7:14

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 – Sleeping on both sides of the body with both hands is considered to be the best sleeping position. This pose is similar to the Savasana pose in yoga. This is the best place to rest the spine, neck and arms.
 – The starfish position is a variant of the rear position. In this position, a person lay on his back, his arms raised his head and his feet apart. It reduces the possibility of headaches.
 – When sleeping in the logarithmic position, place your arms straight down and on your side. It is recommended that you sleep on the left side as it is better for your vital organs. It is the ideal resting position for the spine because it is fully supported in its natural curve.
 – When you sleep, your legs are slightly bent, your arms are stretched, and your head is off-center. It is recommended to lie on your left side, because as we said before, it is better for your vital organs.
 – The position of the fetus includes the side lying, the knee being pulled toward the chest, and the chin leaning downward. This is the most popular sleep position among women – more than 41% of respondents said they prefer this position.
 – Lying on your stomach while sleeping is not the best sleep position, and most experts recommend not doing this. It puts pressure on the spine and causes pain in the neck and lower neck.
– Upright position. Buddhist monks do this and swear! They even used a small box to help them complete this upright sleeping position. In our modern world, you can sleep with your head lifted with the help of a recliner or a large wedge pillow.

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    What's your favorite sleeping position?
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  2. Samsudin Asngad

    Sleep on right hand side and not left hand side

  3. Burberry man

    I thought i at least knew how to do 1 thing right in my life
    Sigh i can't even get it right 🙁

  4. Alexander F.

    I sleep like a big 'ol K

  5. Harley 001

    You should instead mention top 5 best sleeping positions with props rather then list all of the pros n cons.

  6. Danny Kingsley

    I always sleep best in soldier

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    Challenge- say monkey 5 times
    Smile while saying it
    Hold a smile for 20 seconds

    This didnt work i just wanted to make you smile 💙

  8. Funny faye 8 8

    I slept in the free flat way when I woke up I had dried blood so it made my nose bleed

  9. Super Robot

    Log position risk : it will squeeze your balls.

  10. Joanne McKnight

    You say sleep on left side but all videos are on right side..lol

  11. TheTransportGamer

    I sleep on my left side since I get acid reflux and probably snoring and sleep apnea on any other position

  12. Ayaan Elmi

    hi please like

  13. Cougerz

    While sleeping, I always move around and roll around without myself knowing and I sometimes roll of da bed so I can't change my sleeping position

  14. Maribe Rhyme

    only came here coz of my back pain

  15. Betty Belvinlane

    I sleep in the yearner and fetal positions mostly. I have sleep apnea was diagnosed 5 yrs ago. It's easier to breathe sleeping on my side than on my back.

  16. TheSparks V

    Who even sleeps in the same position thought the sleep

  17. georgi kobakov

    Hi there I want to have more details about the brain?????

  18. Jesus loves us

    Soldier position is not good for some people, they experience bad dreams when they sleep on soldier positions

  19. Mr. Miyagi

    How does trying to sleep on your back cure insomnia I wish I could fall asleep on my back

  20. Pretty Pierette

    Pics don't match half of the positions being described…….

  21. rick L

    I can never fall asleep on my back, ever!

  22. sarath k

    Valuable information

  23. Ardensity

    I've been sleeping on my stomach for years, now I'm starting to suffer from neck and low back pain D: I have to sleep on my back even though i tried so many times

  24. Iffat Siddiqui

    From my research, sleeping on the right side is much more beneficial than the left. It supports blood supply to the all-important liver, and relieves stress on the heart n stomach.

  25. Urbano Ramos

    To sum up ,there's no perfect position

  26. dazilla666

    I sleep in the "humanally impossible stretched" position 😂😂😂

  27. Stephanie Nwankwo

    Log position,my favourite

  28. Stephanie Nwankwo

    Soldier position gives me lot of terrible nightmares. How many of us experience dat?

  29. Diana Lewandowski

    I sleep fetal. 😁

  30. Zeledo Health

    the best tips

  31. Rimpal Desai

    You are a fool 😜😜😜😜😜

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    I already sleep in that position which are main kind 😂😴

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    Зависит от многих факторов) Матрасы, запоминающие форму, могут не понравиться людям, которые горбятся и просыпаясь утром чувствуют какие они кривые. Потом еще и долгое время можно увидеть напоминание об этом если оглядываться назад на кровать. ☻

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    25 years me 3 years

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    Log Posture

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  42. Jaya Sheela

    I am 4 th position and also left side

  43. Ed Imus

    I always sleep in an upright position because that's where i am comfortable. But sometimes my lower back ache

  44. Honey B

    The best sleeping
    Beside to ur lov 1
    Thats it

  45. Sharma'arke Mohamed hersi

    This is what told us to islamic religion many centuries ago

  46. annu israni

    I am sleep lover and my posture is v bad, thanks for showing correct posture

  47. Melon Adams

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    Wooooaaaw good work done

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    Fetal position… but i rest my heart over my shoulder, bad position…i try to improve it…thanks for the video 🙏🏼

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