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  1. Robert Merrill

    Hard but not difficult to do so and everyone knows its better to leave and go somewhere else..cheaper to keep it closer to consumers regions..a lot of bad debt in china but noone wants to talk about that either

  2. Ice Frost

    I don't know at this point whom to bat for. US if left alone starts behaving like a bitch. Russia who is already so rude and is hell bent towards making others follow their way is surely oppression. I was batting for China but then when I learnt what they were doing against minority community and their illegal trade activities which is not fair and Donald Trump is somewhat right in cornering china

  3. Steban Lewansky

    Do your best to not do business with China. Crush them

  4. B.I.G. Chulo

    I guess China's communistic control on management is too tyranny lol

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