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  1. kevinvalke1

    :O Old comment section!!!

  2. Elroy Hirsch

    What's really funny is that the kooks and crackpots who are unaware that this childish take- off on Abbot n Costello = is juvenile play on words sarcasm, — they are similarly unaware of the "American flag on Mars" comments at NASA headquarters by simpleton Sheila Jackson-Lee -those and other preposterous comments by moronic Jackson-Lee are real !! youtube.com/watch?v=XK3rTUgoQD4

  3. Shubham Kumar

    😀 cant stop laughing …. Great work … 🙂

  4. Memanna Pepé


  5. Steve Gustavus

    Haha…so funny

  6. Thanh Thy Dang Tran


  7. luizarinco

    So funnyyyy!

  8. Wolf Head

    He can't be that stupid!

  9. james ho


  10. Shuriken

    LMAO my modern studies teacher showed us this i couldnt sop pissing myself laughing :L

  11. Glumski

    This is just sooooo funny! Ah I love this…

  12. UltimateSuperion


  13. WingZero172 a.k.a SilentCobra04

    That will never die.

  14. Isaac

    dude,wtf as in "WTF thats cool"…


  15. WingZero172 a.k.a SilentCobra04

    you fail to appreciate and understand extreme stupidity on Former President George Bush's part and are too dumb to understand political humor.

  16. snailzillascreator

    that was funny as shit

  17. Isaac


  18. Richy D

    ROFL!! was great

  19. David Rosse


  20. s70rk

    No, seriously, who is the new president

  21. FuckThePolitics

    Simply excellent xD

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