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  1. David David

    if they catch me they gonna try to sieze me XxX

  2. Yakouba Conde

    Quelqu'un peut me dire en gros ce qu'ils disent dans le son?

  3. David David

    whats the meaning, ya niggas scheming

  4. Rxckstvr

    Quavo's part🔥

  5. Webster

    2019 Anyone?????

  6. Project UniCore


  7. Rajvir Singh

    black and chinese can live along side by side..well where are the chinese girls..ahahaha

  8. Moukhamed Laye diouf

    Travis scoot Quavo 💪💪👍✌⚡

  9. Can.

    Travis 🐐

  10. Harris khan

    Chinegro anthem

  11. eduardo alves

    The world is settled for so little art

  12. Dominik Dos


  13. jake gillund

    This album was underrated I totally agree some of it sounds like 1 continuous song but that don’t mean it isn’t fire I still bump this album no question

  14. Kevin Schörck

    "she took a tesla"! I love Tesla Pills 🤪 Best Extasy trip of my life


    бахнула солевого 50мг

  16. MJS

    (its lit) I just dropped a bomb on all the dram (3) can you see I do this for my mom (mama) dont get spit on on like a llama, spit spit spit spit (its lit) I run thru the earth like a forest fire in cali (hey howdy) how you doing the food im chewing, shit taste flames just know I control this shit no video game (flames) shorty got the frame like pic she on my dick(3) bitches I her voices in my head like stitches (voices choices voices choices)

  17. kid resses

    i swear this just came out of nowhere

  18. Christopher Murillo

    This song always hits hard af

  19. Legal Hustle

    Only 8.3 million views ?!?!?

  20. abdelrashid farah

    Y E A H Y E A H🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  21. Elias Makrani


  22. Blake Walsh

    2019 still banging, RIGHT?!

  23. joshua kirugumi

    Ay where my Chinese fam at?

  24. Chris Kane

    Who’s still bumping in July 2019?

  25. Rizall Fadillaa

    Black and kunfu

  26. LiL GUzih

    esses dois combinam um com o outro. eles farão muito dinheiro juntos.

  27. Mohamed Ahmed



    make it longeeeer! xD

  29. Rodrigo Vera

    someone else thinks black & chinese is the same like black & yellow hahahahaha, of course not the song xdxd

  30. Stone

    Rich Brian would be fire on this beat

  31. Extra Finger Officiell

    I am listen to this when ever i smoke weed.

  32. WAVEY

    this is another level op production. everything about it, the concept of the music video, but the beat man, the fucking beat….

  33. Moy King-Soft G.


  34. Jean Barque

    taekwondo is corean and karate is japanese.. if you want a chinese martial art: kung fu!

  35. Missy Roemer

    I love this soge


    **DAMM shit UP**

  37. The Indigo Prophecy

    Asap Rocky killed it

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