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  1. SaucerJess


  2. Larry Putra

    i live with my biological parents and ive been insecure with food all my life

  3. Marley

    We need to get rid of the food wastage in super markets that can be used to either feed low wage staff members or food insecure people in general. We also need to make an effort to make healthier food more affordable. It is a problem for many demographics not getting the nutrition they need to properly recover from workplace injury and stressors. Frozen vegetables, canned beans, and dried beans, grains, and potatoes. These must always be in ample supply all over the US and proper education to low income people on how to prepare meals is needed too. The people of the World cannot just subsist on junk food alone. They will always be hungry if they eat low-no fibre foods devoid of micronutrients.

  4. Quagthistle

    All the associated risk factors are either a co-morbidity (being food insecure causes depression) or associated with economic status (being black, living in higher cost of living areas, having a low wage or trying to eek out a living on disability, missing fathers, poor education, etc. are all factors that, generally speaking, mean the person has less money to work with, and since money is the primary exchange mediuum used for the distrbution of food worldwide, sad as that is to say, of course, having less money will lead to food insecurity). Add to this the HIGH costs of fresh food, and you have, essentially, a society in which a health diet is a luxury of the rich. If you're feeding a family, are you going to choose a $4 pint of tomatos or use that $4 to buy two 3-lbs Great Value boxes of elbow macaroni? Right, you'll choose something that will feed the family several meals, not a luxury fresh produce item your kids would eat as a very SMALL snack. High caloric-density foods (which are generally a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost of fresh fruits and veggies, if you can even find fresh foods that are edible and not moldy) are why so very many poor people who experience food insecurity are, paradoxically, over-weight. Obesity isn't about over-eating. It's about poor diet, which is often economically motivated. This why distributing food based on a monetary system is such an incredibly bad idea, but I don't expect people to realize that for at least another several decades… -.-

  5. Jabberwocky Draco

    Written by Dr. Sherlock, first name no shit.

  6. RaidenFreeman

    I cannot believe these numbers for the USA. The government has failed more spectacularly than my country's (and my country is Greece! maybe top 10 incompetent governments!)

  7. Woo Cheol Shin

    It’s astounding how our country produces way more food than is necessary to feed all our citizens and yet people go hungry. Surely we can work something out.

  8. määäääääääx

    Anecdotal data: for me depression leads to food insecurity

  9. J M

    Sardines are cheap and super healthy but you want to give my crappy paycheck to people who spend it on cheetos and soda

  10. viniciusmaia108

    I hope this convinces most people to support state policies to help alleviate these problems. The market won't solve it by itself.

  11. Health In 2 Point 00

    Old people used to say Get your breakfast as a king Lunch as a prince Dinner as a poor

  12. Cindy Giesbrecht

    I understand a little bit about this situation. I experienced this when I first lived on my own as an adult. I think the help that is offered is sometimes refused because people are too proud to accept help, or they don't even know there IS help..

  13. a smart alec

    Could you guys supply direct links to the relevant sources in the description or a pinned comment?

  14. Trey S.

    tfw you're watching this video while food insecure

  15. Mystery Toe

    Food banks target households on the margins of food insecurity many times because they don't qualify for government assistance and fewer families that do qualify for assistance actually get it. I can say that from personal experience serving in food banks (Pomona) that all kinds of people needed assistance but couldn't get it elsewhere.

  16. SinHurr

    vore the rich

  17. kokichi ouma

    Andrew Yang will completely fix this issue. UBI $1000 a month to everyone will completely fix food insecurity

  18. aderek79

    So basically things that make you have less money make you have less food. And signs that you already have money make it more likely that you have food.

  19. Jaimes

    1 in 4 Native Americans experience food insecurity, and studies show Native Americans are the most likely to experience food insecurity in the U.S. And people often forget we exist when doing these kinds of studies. Here's one that covers it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5422031/

    I'm not a fan of studies that rely completely on self-reporting, although I understand that sometimes that's the only way to do it. And, as Raymond Wolfinger’s oft-misquoted aphorism says, “The plural of anecdote is data.” (source: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/12/25/data/ )

    To get to some of the issues you’re talking about, let me share some experiences about my life to help people understand what’s happening with some of these stats. Many of them are consequences of poverty, not causes. And some factors make it more likely that you will fall into poverty, but sometimes the alternative is worse.

    I'm disabled (Primary Progressive MS, Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 5, frozen abdomen, and those are just the big ones), and I only make $800 a month.

    • I have a master’s degree, and I was too busy trying to pay off my student loan debt to save much before I became disabled. That savings is long gone now.
    Who thinks they will become disabled in their early 30s? I certainly didn't.

    • It’s difficult to keep friends when you aren’t capable of leaving the house most days, and even if you could, you have no money to spend. That cuts out most of the possible activities you can do. I tried very hard to help my daughter maintain her friendships, but the only ones she has left are long distance friends.

    • My 24-year-old daughter takes care of me. But because she's only doing college on a part time basis (from home), and she can't work because I can't be alone for more than an hour, they cut off our food stamps. I have to tell her I'm too sick to eat, even when I haven't eaten for several days, just so there will be more food for her. She eats 1 meal a day for 5 days a week, and we can't afford to get more than that. Often her "meal" consists of some equivalent to 1/2 can of veggies and a small portion of pasta or rice, with the rest going in the fridge for leftovers for the next few days.

    • I'm now on my 4th day of no food. I don't know when I'll eat again. I'm no longer hungry though, which is nice. But I think about suicide a lot more when I've gone more than 6 days without food. I'm not actually suicidal, but I do find it interesting that I think about it so much when I can't eat for more than 6 days in a row.
    It kind of makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. But it's still weird.

    If you read this far, thanks! I hope you have a lovely week!

  20. Ace Lightning

    There are too many "food deserts", areas where it's difficult to buy nutritious food. Think of an urban neighborhood where the only places that sell food are small mom&pop stores, and most of the food they sell is processed and packaged; you're not likely to find fresh produce. The nearest large supermarket is a bus or taxi ride away, and who wants to try to bring perishable fresh food home on the bus? So it's easy to just go to a fast-food place and buy some junk made out of sugar and fat, because at least if you eat it you won't feel hungry.

    I have a friend who went to a well-respected culinary school. One of the student projects she got involved in was offering cooking classes so that people who had limited food budgets could learn how to make nutritious meals out of inexpensive and easily available ingredients. I know from my own personal experiences that I feel less insecure about food because I know how to make a tasty meal out of whatever I've got on hand. (Knowledge is power!)

  21. Jacobinite

    I choose to be food insecure to lose weight, have lost 10 lbs in 1 month 🙂

  22. josh

    Fasting is good for you poor people

  23. aravisthetarkheena

    I hate that people in this country – especially children – ever go to bed hungry 🙁

  24. painedumonde

    This is the 21st century…
    A "first world" nation…

  25. xboxfullauto1000

    Just buy a banana at store and you healthy. Lazy people!

  26. Greg Hartwick

    Depression = food insecurity = depression. It’s co-morbidity.

  27. WanJae42

    So this isn't a video about fasting. 😂

  28. chronically zoey

    I struggle with food insecurity

  29. Daniel Vargas

    2:23 what is there to understand of why food insecurity is a thing? Its called the system where if you dont have enougth you starve.

  30. Daniel Vargas

    This system is fine? Who needs food anyway?

  31. Daniel Vargas

    Isnt it great that beacuse rich people want more money they decide that not giving people food is good actually?

  32. Shiroi Hana

    Thanks for talking about this subject.

  33. mrdonetx

    I understand the child questions. But the adults cutting the size of meals because there wasn't enough money… I have a problem with. The questions are not narrow. It's a general question that could cover so much. I would bet a large chunk would be college students. You constantly pick apart studies/surveys with self reporting answers. Also you drag nutrition studies because of the amount of time needed and how people are bad at remembering. I have no doubt food insecurity is real but those questions don't do anything to narrow down the problem. If you spent $500 on a pair of shoes so you cut your meals in half is more a insecurity about how you look than it being an insecurity of food access. If it's observational instead of filling out a form with two questions how about there be some actual follow up with those who answered insecure. This is why the government wastes money. Do a survey throw money at it accomplish nothing because there was no follow up to address the problems appropriately.

  34. nab 6215

    Our household has lived this way for years. The end of the month comes and you decide to use the milk for cereal or coffee. Coffee, of course. We decided to buy powdered milk. We don't have a lot of money but like good coffee, so we buy from a roaster. When people come to our house and take a cup of coffee we cringe.
    You prioritize your purchases. It was infuriating when my mother, whom we were taking care of would offer our food to other people.

  35. AnotherKS

    (For my fellow Americans) Remember that the natural resources defense council estimated that nearly 40% of the food produced in the United States is never eaten.

  36. o0Avalon0o

    Great upload, as always!

  37. Healthcare Triage

    We had to make a quick fix and reupload. Sorry if you got notified twice, and thanks for watching! -stan

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