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  1. 50 Cent Army Tool

    That's what a spy would say…

    Your kidneys have been part of China since ancient time

  2. Viktorija Gerendjir

    I am feeling the same way right now…sorry that you have to go through this alone..hope the situation gets better 😊🤞

  3. r v

    Banana,mango,grapes and apples…and about your situation–deal with it

  4. LìXīng任丽星

    A bit late but thought you should know that you aren’t alone in your feelings! I never really struggled with making friends. But my first year in college I made absolutely 0 friends (like literally not even someone to talk to occasionally at all) and that was in my own country! It felt really disheartening since I worked so hard to get into that college and was so excited for the college life just to show up empty handed. At the end of the year I almost flunked out because my depression had gotten so bad and of course I felt so ashamed so I could never give a real explanation to everyone who was curious as to why. And I thought that the worst was over but now I’m here in China studying chinese and it’s great but also lonely and I’m worried I’ll have to experience it all over again. It really messes with you psychologically and I don’t think people really realize it until they go through it. I saw that you’re going to SNU in August though so seems like things are looking up! Genuinely I’m happy for you and hope you do well and great! I love it here in China and even though I’m a bit lonely and still learning the language, I too hope my situation becomes brighter. It’s just so crazy how 3/4 years ago I saw your journey of being in South Korea on exchange and now we’ll get to see it again! Wishing you all the best!!

  5. egal

    They probably think you're a spy and want nothing to do with you for their own safety.

  6. vicengland

    i understand how you feel, consider i spent 6 years in another country to study. the fact comes down to reality is different from your expectations, you need to see the reality, if you dont feel comfortable, its true. so u need to find reasons behind, maybe u have no friends? or the people not nice to you? or you are homesick? or you have no one you know you talk to as you mentioned? get the reasons and try to correct it. if it doesnt work out, its better you need to leave that place. its not china is not good, but not everyone is nice. its a foreign country and all the customs are different than your own place. hope you can work that out.

  7. Menino Jake

    Living abroad is this amazing thing for a lot of people. I loved Canadá and Brazil, living in those countries taught me so much…but there were times I wasn’t happy and ultimately I left Canada bc I knew I wasn’t gonna be happy there. So I feel you and I want you to know that we are all cheering for you and wish the best for you!!!!!

  8. Meghan Tomasi

    Hey so this is probably not helpful, but I just wanted you to know that literally everything you said in this video I very seriously connected with. Right out of college I chose to come to Korea and teach English, and this past winter I went through exactly what you are going through now. I have never felt more lonely and yes i would definitely say i became very depressed. Anyway i just wanted to say that you are not alone in these feelings. I dont have much advice for you which I'm so sorry about, but if you ever wanted to talk or rant or anything to anybody then im open to chat 🙂
    I really do wish you luck because I know how terrible those feelings are, and I hope things get better for you

  9. ausukiyo

    Hi Sarah, I have followed your account for around two(? or three) years now. You have inspired me to become an exchange student and I depart to Taiwan in two months. It might be hard right now but I believe you can get through this. Stay strong, 화이팅! <3

  10. Katie Hyland


  11. 수박

    hey!! i just watched your seoul hugh school exchange vlog. i was just wondering what exchange program you used bc im really interested studying in korea😍

  12. Patricia Mast

    My heart goes out to you. I so appreciate your honesty, and that you are trying to share your thoughts and real emotions. Loneliness is so hard, and I pray you can meet someone that will connect with you and that you can share your experiences with. Hang in there! Prayers and love from Virginia! And my favorite fruit is pineapple😊😊

  13. Greta Saeger

    Raspberries, hope it gets better there. We’re all routing for you ❤️

  14. SchutteD ‌ ‍ ‎ ‏

    Sounds like you need a friend flied over from home that can help you with your project, and someone to talk to. Although easier said then done, Just an idea here: If you feel like being by yourself with this huge goal in mind and the way its panning out @ a sanity level is not coming to fruition and is not doable long term. I would see if anyone you know does have the free time and common interest, someone you trust, and someone that is willing to move to a different country temporarily is able. If $ is a problem, that grant you get for research might be a solution seeing as your not really sure what to use it for and if spending it on a partner that could further improve your research and chances of complement ends up saving the project. Then I say do it. Whatever you decide on doing, I hope the best for you and hang in there.

    A perfectly ripe and juicy Plum is hard to beat imo.

  15. darsal20

    This sounds scary. I hope you stay safe.

  16. Tubby Mam

    I'm a big fan of strawberries myself…… Lol
    Stay strong Sarah just remember when your at rock bottom there's nowhere else to go but up…. I wish you well and I'm sure things will work out eventually

  17. Spencer Steinbach

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling… I'm here for you if you need to vent, etc. Hugs from Seoul. 우리 연락 좀 하자 🙂 PS: I like grapes, especially the frozen variety lol

  18. Kaley

    Brooo i Love strawberries
    Buttttt banana will always be my #1

  19. john s

    Sarah! I felt compelled to respond… if I may offer some guidance… 1) its OK and healthy to be depressed in your situation. give yourself license to be depressed!!! IT IS IMPORTANT 2) this is a life lesson and if you frame this experience as one of an oppty of personal growth and expansion, than this may be worthwhile. 3) the conundrum you are experiencing and have clearly communicated is that your true authentic self (gut instinct/intuition) is telling you this may not be the ideal situation however your ego and rational side is making justification to stay in the current situation. Know that our egos will create stories to keep us in a place of familiarity even if the situation does not serve us…. 4) this is the universe trying to communicate a possible different path. 5) sit and meditate and be open to whatever comes 6) know that you always can change, its just a matter to taking a leap of faith, not having any expectations, knowing in your heart that whatever happens that everything will be OK. I hope this help!! Feel free to DM if you have any questions or just wanted to chat.

  20. Christine Kim

    awww, Sarah, I'm so sorry about what you're going through. It's always tough to be a foreigner in another country. You persevere so much already, it will come to pass. We'te here for you, we're your friends. sending hugs.
    Mango is yummy and is the only dried fruit I like.

  21. 미국맨디 migug mandee

    I would say my favorite fruit is kiwi. They have a nice flavor to them and give me a little ting whenever i need it.

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