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  1. Reuben Guttenberg

    I'm the Kong fu master so mean and tough I'm so bad I scare myself

  2. x225w


  3. Eggboi

    y tho

  4. RealGameBoyHD

    What Is This Episode?!?

  5. Paper PTJ

    Dong Fu
    Dong Kong
    Mad Dong
    Long Dong Silvers

  6. Waylon

    He's so bad he scares himself!

  7. GreninjaTheMan

    Do holograms in nightcore

  8. Blaque Link

    Kong Fu and Cranky Kong confirmed for Smash 4!

  9. Blaque Link


  10. WhakkaThwakka.Net

    More people need to know…

  11. Psichosis

    This song is the one thing I remembered most clearly about this show after 17 years. That's how awesome it is. :]

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