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  1. Mowarwyn Dangsha

    FY you're talking too much.

  2. Andrea Valenti

    What is the maximum speed dude?

  3. Faustin Gashakamba

    Run away from chinese bikes and motorbikes!

  4. skyym3

    I don't think it actually turns on like you are expecting?   You just press the throttle and it goes, it's as easy as that with electric vehicles.      Thanks

  5. N. D.

    Wow, I hate when people park on the lawn when they have a driveway or can park on the street.

  6. ziggy zee

    What kinda bs review was this

  7. fuck You

    Terrible review

  8. Particle Config.

    At least make clear in the title that it's Unpacking the bike… people want to hear and see the thing fly men. 🙂

  9. Marty Fowler

    Sometimes you fail and this video is very much a fail.

  10. juan camaney

    Screwed the bike foo, what's up with your girl she is super delicious thick, send me a bikini washing video

  11. kamakazecrxsi85

    That chick got a phat ass, glad I checked this video out

  12. Daryl Ogle

    She got nice legs

  13. Ed Colbeck

    Seriously not gonna ride it!?

  14. K. W. Churchill

    1 ;07…hehehe

  15. Cameron Streeb

    Shitty video you didn’t even ride it wtf

  16. Kristopher Leonard

    She thick

  17. Joni Tuomainen

    Why would you buy a electric sport bike why

  18. Jim Draper

    Love the white gangsta act.

  19. kevin15chopper

    Review sucked but your girl is HOT !!!! So worth watching

  20. Franny Darko

    How much was the shipping costs though???

  21. bing natividad

    Just turn on and ride it.. I have 2 ebike



  23. Mr McGregor

    You don't know why it won't start?


  24. s c

    It never ceases to amaze me that people would pay for a "cheap" stuff that is typically made in China and then criticize it by reference to expensive models or brands! Hey dude, get on your knees and give thanks for being able to buy that stuff for only $1500 new! Be grateful! Do you expect to receive a Harley Davidson for that price? Don't look at a gift horse in the mouth!

  25. Angel Reyes

    I like the girl 🙂

  26. Filip Bärneman


  27. ma cac pe voi

    She wants to eat your bike.

  28. ma cac pe voi

    Why all the pig girls think they are sexy and wear sexy clothes?ueac

  29. Erin Pitt

    its an electric scooter lol. they change the body and refit for practicallity based on needs. lol. lived over there for awhile and had my own sport bike scooter but it was gas not electric. they fun !

  30. shuga mayhem

    What site did you order it from??

  31. Rotor Blade

    I bet the battery won’t last for more than 20 miles.

  32. Bird Baby

    Were can I get one from

  33. Gregg Williamson

    $1500 on Bike when you have a fence like that lol

  34. Jose Acevedo

    It looks nice …

  35. Parita Patel

    Excellent Beautiful 😍 Very Beautiful Attractive 😍👌👌

  36. tanya holmes

    Top-of-the-line moped you go boy

  37. Ajinkya Sawant

    Where you bye this bike send the link

  38. pratikbagde6919

    Copy of yamaha R15 😁

  39. jose puerto

    That white girl can get it

  40. imed Omda

    China 👎 ⚰️

  41. Csr2 123

    Your girl look 100 time better dan the bike

  42. Nate Dunlop

    And you get free steel sweet

  43. R R

    Pero pruebala anormal.. todo el video esperando para nada..

  44. josh smith


  45. lim eddie

    China products are getting better each day n still cheap

  46. Lightofdeth

    Bull shit

  47. Itz_gray_ 2019

    Jeez ALWAYS plan ahead before you buy something from China. 6 MONTHS!

  48. Joseph McCaffrey

    Dude, you just bought Crap….

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