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  1. Nikolay Tanev

    Watching this on my iPad Pro X and you? 😄🙃 Please like and subscribe if you like! Thanks 💯✌

  2. Flyersbno 35

    I thought he bought the iPad Pro for 160$. Until I watched him buy the accessories and realized his cord wasn’t UCB, instead it was a lighting cable.

  3. Fludgey

    $160 for that iPad? Pretty good deal since my Airpods costed me about the same price for the iPad.

  4. Jason L

    Could you do a coverage with the apple pencil in shenzhen?

  5. mujjuzi timothy

    What were the specs for the iPad you bought?

  6. William Petersen

    How exactly does this market get their hands on so many iPads? They have a shitload of them from each generation.

  7. Afnan Gaming

    Is the ipads real

  8. Camila Cruz

    How much did the Ipad pro cost?

  9. SilvercobrA

    Can you asked them for the price of ipad Pro with touch pen?

  10. pandya sid

    Please Tell me the cost of ipad pro 11 in this market?

  11. Shohag islam

    I am from Bangladesh. Any phone that comes to our country is 80% refurbished, can you help me if I want to get a phone?

  12. Syed Muhammad Rayyan Syed Muhammad Haidzir

    This is good deal

  13. NOVA

    Its not a good deal its a super deal like leteraly right here its about 800 900

  14. RAMOxYT


  15. RAMOxYT

    good deal

  16. Genesis perez Eric vazquez

    Hey how would I get in contact with u really would love to have a chat plzzz

  17. hong jin

    Hi Nikolay..what is the name of the Building shop in Huanqiangbei shenzhen? i want to buy an ipad also

  18. Darren Marais

    Bro how much does the latest MacBook pro go for planning on buying it next year

  19. Tonyo TV

    How much the ipad pro x?


    Why you don't play Pubg man 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🤯

  21. Travis vlogs

    is there a online web

  22. Keefe Pang

    Hello. What is the name of this market? I'm unable to find ipads.

  23. Tasif Xamal

    Can you give wway ot to me😂
    From Bangladesh

  24. Maria Silva Martins

    Name this place in China ?


    Kindly is there any online link for shipping to E.Africa??? #254

  26. ama zigh

    Is it genuine?

  27. iLove Junk

    Is it original?? Just wondering…

  28. Sohel Khan

    can you please give me market location in google map?

  29. Nicolo Don Diego

    Same price as airpods 2nd gen

  30. Kakashirook

    Are the iPads real and legit???

  31. govardhan kumar

    Nik, is there any possibility to purchase an MacBook and courier to India

  32. Pixe1atedDoge

    Weird i got an ipad 3 and it isnt really slow

  33. Martin Blažek

    For this exactly same ipad you ll pay in europe $400 so yeah it is an amazing good deal😂

  34. Game Master

    i never had a ipad im so jealous i wish i had one 🙁 i would use it so much for college and drawing btw amazing video <3

  35. Rudy Anno

    so lucky can buy an apple product in china *envy

  36. Jose Rodriguez

    Can I have that watch lol no really can I ? And if you read this nice videos I wish I could travel you very lucky

  37. Abubakarally

    This isn’t 2018 it has home button

  38. sheryar ahmed

    How is that they are so cheap ?

  39. Michael Cheung

    amazing video. would you mind to tell me what is the address in Shenzhen? thank you

  40. Steven James Dela Cena

    Hi Can i ask for The price list of the cheapest iPhone In Hua Qiang Bei?

  41. Insta_Radio

    Who else watching this on the expensive IPad?

  42. Park Kookiemin

    my bucket list
    •go to China
    •save money

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