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  1. KristoferYee

    Install Disk O for Free: http://patron.me/KristoferYee

  2. GrillTheClasher

    oh yeah, tech jesus (gamers nexus) himself did a vid on it. a little over priced but decent for the novelty

  3. Kenneth Brocksmith


  4. Tee Bee

    Stop benching on fortnite.

  5. Aman Kundu

    How were the thermals ? that plastic frame tells me its higher than average.

  6. Full Time NEET


  7. Rmn ENT.

    I like the fact that you used fortnite

  8. Kenneth Rivera

    owo powered gpu YEAH!

  9. Bizarre Rebly

    hey KristoferYee you can Build a Hello Kitty Themed Computer With That Card ^_^ Meow!

  10. Blake -

    The fact that the frames are stable are pretty good considering that chapter 2 has dogshit frame optimization rn

  11. RZRblds

    This is my fav RX580!! Small Youtuber names Dinkie the Sink got one a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with it.

  12. Pagan Whelp


  13. Pagan Whelp

    80's porn music…. lol wut

  14. justin5674

    Anybody else notice 80s porn music

  15. yes

    1:02 top right "80's porn music"

  16. K Z

    everyone said that GPU rx580 does performance 2% better than msi GPU 580 no wondering n i watched ur fps bouncing around i can tell that kitty gpu did better no joke
    i think it just because of heatsink or someone put new desing bios and chip on board i dont every know n i adjusted you take it apart n see if any different from msi one

  17. Sebastian A

    1:14 Bobby shmurda hot n**ga

  18. finn stiles

    god your bad at fortnite

  19. talabert derilien


  20. TracerOn

    CS only ran good because of your cpu it’s cpu intensive.

  21. noah bernacki

    Please post more😀

  22. MCTT

    China numbel one

  23. Daniel Gil

    This guy is a little idiot with attitude.

  24. Mauricio Olmedo


  25. TazinBirds

    Youtube Kris is way different from Twitch Kris

  26. Christian Luke

    1:09 that desktop lmaoo

  27. Skrub2k.mp4

    What's the mouse he has in the video?


    i just want one… shut up and take my money!

  29. Lude Nation

    Wait my rx580 plays games in 4k max settings no problem like Assetto Corsa(50-90)fps, Dirt Rally 2.0 (60-75)fps, Rage 2 (70-105)fps.

  30. T81

    you're awesome bro

  31. Tales From The Grotto

    Wouldn't be bad for a party living room steam box build. You could play it with all those friends you don't have.

  32. Captain Cook thick

    Why don’t you make a used pc parts build vs new pc parts to show the extra performance for the same budget

  33. Optical Beast

    why are so many youtubers stupid enough to play a game as shitty as Fortshite.

  34. Just Hades

    every e-girl on twitch is gonna be ordering this for their pc

  35. Nick Rog

    Yeah !!! The legendary Bromide based cleaning product smell !!! Rough & Disgustingly clean .

  36. it a cam

    AYAYA Clap

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