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  1. fightTIPS

    For those asking about the fightTIPS gloves: they should be available for purchase in November. I'm still testing the quality, but I'm definitely impressed with them so far. What do you all think would be a fair price $$$ for them? Comment!

  2. Fred Claus

    Shane. Thanks for the video. I have been toying with creating my own style as well. Just curious. What is your reason for not wanting to call it a martial art?

  3. T4 Archie

    Reminds me of how capoeira fighters fight in mma

  4. Höher wertiger

    the art of the intercepting dick

  5. Simon's Fight Club

    Hey shane whats your views on KUDO martial arts?

  6. Killua Suarez 2

    Sounds like a good concept, I'll be great to train under Shane on that martial art you trying to make a reality.

  7. Ken Robison

    Great idea, I have a traditional Shukokai karate, and some boxing background,But I am seriously leaning towards taking and using the best bits out of every art. I suppose its what Bruce Lee was advocating with Jeet Kune Do. Keep up the good work.

  8. Krav Maga Kid

    Fighttips’s creed

  9. Brian Mulligan

    I did this 20 yrs ago b4 i swore to God i would never fight again. This guy has something.

  10. Nick Jones

    I actually do this thing when going through a door as practice pretty much every time I use one.

    Push: when you have to push you go through the door and do something similar to a swim move in football (American football) to close the door behind you followed up with a side kick or throwing your body weight into the door in the event someone is close enough for you to use the door to attack them.

    Now they’ve been hit by the door being closed and there’s a door between you two which may or may not block their line of sight. They’re dazed and don’t know where the fuck you are… so it could be followed up with “pick a direct and run and turn a corner ASAP to get out of site so they can easily find you once exiting the door.

    Pull: unfortunately with a door you pull you cannot use it as a weapon to daze your pursuer(s). But this technique is simpler. You basically open it and swim move around the door to get around it faster and then grab the handle as so when you go through the door you pull is closed. Now there’s a door between you and your pursuer(s). But you have less time since you couldn’t use it to daze and confuse them, so it’s more important to cut the line of sight from outside the door quickly.

    My buddy’s and I used to do stuff like this regularly. One of our favorite things was reading books on ninja we got from the library. Most are 90% hilarious bullshit, but the 10% that isn’t complete shit is usually some kind of useful climbing techniques or drills to train for cutting your opponents line of site which I’ve personally found very useful in altercations over the years. Easier to avoid then if you know how to escape and avoid being seen and leaving traces of yourself.

  11. Josh Bengil

    Hahahah 4:474:52 😂😂
    "Study and training martial arts"

  12. BeyondFatal47

    Shit is cash yo

  13. illuminati wolf

    i want to start a style of tae kwan do which is more effective

  14. Noel Campos

    I like the concept… I think it would work well in urban areas.

  15. Kush Ronin

    Can we get some fight stats on that noodle? I saw it throw a mean, clean, hook-jab combo…👀

  16. cool00000yt Roblox

    I’ve created my own fighting style it’s like a mixture of boxing and wrestling it’s for naturally large people like y’all big Also strong because you know picking up people should I do demonstrations

  17. Temple Of The Fire Element

    I have created a fighting style as well. It's actually Mauy thai mixed with European sword fighting

  18. mr langustinos

    Awesome Idea

  19. Hiep Nguyen

    Cool job… Study to beat up donkeys..

  20. Billy Frauens

    Urbox is pretty dope. U wanna continue that? I know I’m a couple years late but I just got into your videos a few months ago and I appreciate all of your content. Inspired me to incorporate learning striking into my PT/recovery. Thank you for what you’re doing 💪🏼💪🏼

  21. Audrius Raščius

    Thats wwe man

  22. ahmed bendjaoub

    Why u dont compete in mma competitions ???? Usc…

  23. rad panda

    I like how you fight

  24. Karlo Bicierro

    So……mirror's edge? Hahaha no offense shane

  25. Hahahahahahaha

  26. …Which is sucks!!!!!

  27. aSaiyanNamedTomoa

    Hey fighttips I did that from 2013 to 2016. Made my own martial art per say that involved 8 yrs of on and off boxing training with sone sparring, a little kickboxing with sparring. I did karate when I was young. Then in 2012 I signed up for a month and took techniques in that I still use today. I also incorporated a Horse stance like style for when I throw side kicks and spin kicks. But my base stance is something I pickedk up from dominick cruz and that's his reset footwork that helps you move multi directional and hit insane angles. I did this with my friend for over 3years while lifting as well and doing circuit drills and explosive exercises.. and we sparred alot at the end. I felt as if I was unstoppable and I feel like my freestyle martial art is alright. Do you ever spar youtuve fans?? Let me know I'm down for a good sparring match

  28. slashbuzz

    Well if the guy is bigger than you and heavier than you in a street fight then just run

  29. joe fussy

    Awesome idea! Ever seen those epic “Tag” competitions? I can see a heap of padded obstruction and obstacles in a cage. Avoid and evade. 4x 3min rounds of role switching. Points for hits, points for submission and points for evading.

  30. Young Warrior

    So basically you invented ninjutsu haha

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