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  1. Ali-A

    Time to find out what Fortnite in CHINA is like!

  2. D- Ninja

    Hi ali I love your videos and I'd really like to play fortnite with you sometime ovisouly not on fortnite china

  3. The Fortnite Kid

    Wow he plays on default settings on mouse and keyboard lol

  4. Freddys BACK

    tHaT iNtRo


    I play on Chinese severs

  6. hassanjassim12

    10:39 how does the guy have Zoey its season 4

  7. Imaan Yousaf


  8. ツMichael

    Change ur keybinds

  9. Jack Bailey

    18:40 exclusive car!!!

  10. Lakshyalikhith Gaayam

    I used your creator code

  11. EmiliaBoomTV

    Not everybody has fortnite Ali-A which im pround cause i HATE fartnite

  12. Gamer King

    Free battle pass ??

  13. King Zeke

    Im chinese and honestly, it was so funny!

  14. NightSuki ;-;

    Can u read Chinese??????????????!

  15. Maheen Khan

    Like mom

  16. Jeffery Simpson

    If they got fortnite in season 5 why was Ali-a killed by a Zoey. Hacker?

  17. Mumjklop Memes

    Why was Ali a using laser beams outro song?

  18. Buxshot

    Who else knows some chinese

  19. Sergio Olivas

    Hey AilA you said a swear word at 16:00

  20. NoVA -Brawl Stars

    伊あ ざますあざます

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