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  1. IPrevailBand

    HUGE shoutout to our boy Daz Black for flying over from the UK and starring in this video! Make sure to sub to his YouTube and let him know we sent you!

  2. JMLC 420


  3. Clown

    Love the video, but at 4:17 the logo on the door isn't stabilized at all and is shaking around.

  4. Millicent Cargil

    Love this song

    Every time i hear this song i think about daenerys burning kings landing lol

  5. Александр Шамаев

    Ooooh shit guys! From video to video you are getting more stronger! So many emotions!! Thank you very much!!!

  6. Tom Hydra-XavieR

    Isn’t that Daz Watches?

  7. Emilien SARRAIL


  8. Daniel Ball

    “Saw my sister get hit by a car” Alone MV call back maybe?

  9. Tamy Videla

    Los amo!!!

  10. _ askdaxbox _

    I relate to this on such a personal level to the point of where I want to go back through by childhood find the people who tormented me in elementary school and beat the ever living shit out of them

  11. MetalZero 13

    Dude! That was sick! Awesome song and insane video 🤘😊

  12. Jänë Mórrígan

    Daz is such a great actress and Iprevail is such a great band

  13. Beth G

    Daz Black? Hell yeah!!

  14. Ashley Caron

    Whats your trauma?

  15. Van Moorhead

    Why does this song kinda remind me of bleed it out by linkin park

  16. Noah Roach

    Love the video! Love the song!

  17. Norma Bates

    Reasons why I wish I could be a superhero. So I could save everyone who deserves to be saved and destroy the ones who don't deserve another breath..

  18. LaVeysDahlia

    Yes❤ you guys are unstoppable

  19. Gli tch


  20. gloria borger

    Absolutely no one:

  21. Farmer's son

    Hi interesting vid

  22. Melie

    Such a long "intro" for such a short (but good) song. I need more.

  23. Diego Ruiz

    kmac what r u doing in an i prevail video

  24. Delilah DONE

    Omg 😢😢 daz 🙁 😥

  25. Alexandru Costache

    Good song but ugh, thats a really cringe video

  26. Hydei

    his name is Robert Paulson!

  27. Brandon Alder

    Recycled music. Sounds like everything else. Try harder. Make ur own way. Don’t piggy back on others

  28. Cristian Segura

    Bruh i got goosebumps..🔥🔥🔥

  29. Reckless Derp

    Holy shit

  30. Rho Clan

    Fucking. Chills.

  31. M Don

    This whole album is FU-K!N 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Michael K.

    Omg! What a talented guys!.. Much love from Ukraine! 🇺🇦🔥

  33. iamyetiman

    Like the viner

  34. CraZe SLiPP3R69

    My boy daz

  35. Mark Miller

    You ripped off Ded

  36. osssshhh12

    Wow !

  37. Ami Parishxoxo

    Wow, this nearly made me cry but nice video its epic! ❤️

  38. Robert Brinkley

    This video sucks. Takes way too long to get going.

  39. CsD

    I just had a heartattack, when I saw Daz. <3 <3

  40. Jessica C

    This video is amazing, truly great. First of all is different than most mv nowadays, second it’s dark but also makes me feel hopeful at the end. Maybe I’m wrong, but I guess the main character finally feels understood and accepted and the show and that’s exactly how being in a crowd for a live show of your favourite band feels 😊 love it!

  41. Royal


  42. Dan Cartlidge


  43. Anna Vasiliadi

    Who else thought kmac was on the thumbnail?

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that saw that😅

  44. NickBoyOf Death9

    I couldn't wait for this music video and y'all nailed it!!!! Love y'all!!!

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