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  1. Lanes 2601

    Let’s get the Indians here quick!

  2. Hona Wikeepa

    Kevin Mao and Penny Bong.

  3. William Boney

    For God sake Australia ,listen to Pauline the only true Aussie patriot.

  4. Lanes 2601

    Ccp are the biggest liars.

  5. blue eyes white dragon

    Rudd is a double agent he needs to be fully and completely investigated. P.s I fully back Pauline's statements every other party is just in the pocket of China there like salesman for our land the scumbags

  6. Trevor Hayes

    Time to build some internment camps

  7. William Boney

    Rudd is the worst Prime Minister in Australian history,and that is saying something when you can beat the sacked fool Whitlam.

  8. William Boney

    Rudd and Keating both Chinese lovers.

  9. John Palm

    Did Rudd just say “hansinism” wow just when I thought the ism didn’t have any other words to latch on to.

  10. John Palm

    Penny wong that just says it all doesn’t it

  11. JP

    I have to be honest that Philippine is already becoming like that. Phil government decided to hire thousands of Chinese laborers and ignored the jobless Filipinos.

  12. Andrew Millar

    Believing Rudd who is Bloomberg Jr member, I can't believe him he's out to bring Australia into communist regime and in line with 2020,2025, and 2030, I will never be a commie, This is fact, not Fiction.

  13. Nicolette van Amerongen

    Learn Chinese.


    China would completely annihilate Australia. Ozzy's don't stand a chance…lolz

    Australians are pussies.

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