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  1. Selected Gamers

    Low Key flexing that iPhone 11 pro

  2. ThatFr0sty Lad

    You copied this of randumb

  3. Harry Royston

    Ali a ran out of content… I was not shocked!!

  4. Yeet Yeet

    console in china is like mobile in america

  5. Ben Parker

    You can’t spectate bots. So the first guy was a real player 🤮

  6. Justin LEE


  7. Fay Morris

    do it pls

  8. - B r î č ê - *-*

    Who has been a fan of Ali-A before 2019?. ♥️

  9. SteveAW

    SBMM is definitely in duos and squads. I can tell the different caliber of players depending on which friends I play with.

  10. Wind Story

    可不可以有中文解說的,亞洲人大多只玩傳統遊戲所以我找不到 反正老外又看不懂中文 嘿嘿

  11. Tom Harvey

    The vast majority of Chinese players use their mobile phones to play, hence the terrible aim.

  12. macca pacca

    Ali bro just to let u know when you storm healph bar goes down you dont take normal damage healph u just die bro over your vids

  13. Dr.anil Kumar

    His aim is way worse than mine

  14. Hisham Zaza

    The name : Tunneling.
    Ali : box pushes.
    C'mon bru

  15. Just Supes

    I heard people in China only get to play 1 hour and 30 minutes a day. 3 hours on weekends? I was wondering if anyone else heard

  16. Gr1m playz

    Is this racist?

  17. Dinosaur time and Funny videos

    Bots do place ramps, i have seen it.

  18. Luis Jemio

    8:37 Ali-A is his own dog confirmed

  19. Muaaz Siddiqui

    @AliA it shows the English name on top right

  20. Mohammed is here

    Isint it illegal for ali to jump on to the chinese servers

  21. Screamface LoL


  22. forest peng

    Ali if the storm health goes to zero you instantly die

  23. ennysanusii _

    petition for him to get his old theme back

  24. Why not

    bots can build

  25. Muneeb Hassan


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