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  1. Julie Brady

    LOL … crazy, but I really enjoyed this … wish you were my boyfriend but I'm REALLY too old for you.

  2. Beth Halpain

    That must of been weird having to kiss your coworker….hahahaha

  3. Beth Halpain


  4. JARS

    You are hilarious! My son Asher made me watch Chick- fil-a a second time and he started singing it. I will never let him listen to it again. I'd never get it out of my head it's like "don't worry be happy". Although I like that song. You're a go to smile.

  5. michael utz

    Its crazy how many jealous people are out there smh that say this band sucks blah blah they suck so bad that they are going on tour and moving on up and becoming more then YouTube famous and the haters are the ones that talk down on people that are better then them at what they do and cant get pass YouTube very pathetic smh

  6. michael utz

    Bobby bones is crazy lol love the band and his show on 102.1 the bull raging idiots are goingon tour definitely gotta get to there shows at least one but hopefully a few weird al dont have shit on bobby bones raging idiots bobby also wrote a book excellent story must check it out if you all get a chance

  7. Theresa Clark

    I have to say this was pretty funny, Lol. I listen to the show every morning on my way to work & you guys crack me up every morning so Thank you.

  8. Ashley Hunter

    GO BOBBY 😀

  9. quinnsjoker m

    im not sure if its me or dose this closely look like batman vs super man . and eddie as batman and bobby as superman and that chick as wonder woman…. and batman doing his thing helping superman get with her ?

  10. Talore Roberts

    How is Bobby single? Like I love his personality…and he's not bad looking either. If only I wasn't 17 😂

  11. Hailey Marklin

    Haha great video!

  12. bs1820

    Gawd this song is awful!

  13. Darrin Valentine

    So the boss Bobby.. Keep making the world smile! Thank you…😂

  14. Tabitha Gasser

    I love this. I think it is perfect for Bobby Bones and Eddie. A job well done guys

  15. Desi Kussy-prestriedge

    listen to you every morning ! love your music and show you Amy Eddie ray and lunchbox are amazing !!!

  16. sparklewithsteph


  17. Brittany Pagel

    i love it!

  18. MusicV8090Now

    Everyone nailed their part. Good job Bobby, Eddie, & Bobby's love interest.

  19. TheFigureKing

    Such a stupid video and song

  20. zactgrimes

    This video probably cost $300 and it all went to the girl for kissing bobby #Hilarious

  21. Angelina Guillen

    Hahaha love listening to you guys every morning and been waiting on this to release SO funny excellent job

  22. HD Healy

    LMAO!! Funny..great job!

  23. Janes Book

    Too funny. I love it. Good job Eddie & Bobby.

  24. Brittany Broersma

    HILARIOUS! I listen live and on iHeart! I've been looking forward to seeing this video. I can't stop laughing! Way to go Bones and Eddie!

  25. Allie P

    I heard this on radio and when you said you post video I said " I have to see this" I listen to your show on my way to school and it always brightens my morning favorite part of day thanks for being so awesome

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