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  1. Gabriel Munos

    SAS knows things

  2. 2k is Life

    I love Stephen A he’s hilarious 🤣🤣

  3. Mark Ermita

    How about Curry in Bucks

  4. Big Ten Network

    Just because he is good people have to try taking him away

  5. David Di Gregorio

    Giannis is going to toronto.

    Toronto will win another chip before the Knicks make the playoffs.

  6. Jalen Council

    Me: Coughs
    Stephen A: You coughed wrong and here’s why

  7. Matthew Praay Jr.

    I don’t think he’s ever leaving Milwaukee

  8. TwitterVidsFunnyAF

    I think giannis is going to the warriors

  9. Ronnerick Topahe

    So Curry is trash an needs help!! 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  10. ChrisDeForce

    You talking bout next season when this season just started

  11. HighFlyer

    Giannis was raised by african parents from the motherland. He knows what loyalty means. He won’t leave the bucks unless the bucks fail to give him a competitive team.

  12. Mali NBA YoungBoy

    I can't wait. Ya keep taking shots at GSW because we injured!! But we will be back on ya necks soon!! #34!! X #30!!

  13. Reda Deroua

    Imagine if Giannis sign with the warriors
    I'll be in Schock for at least a week

  14. Jeffrey Hudson

    I’ve been saying this for months now bro

  15. Greg Banks

    everyone wanna go to the warriors foh

  16. Brian Cheng

    I really hope Kyrie and KD win a title together. Dream matchup would be Clippers vs Nets. KD and Kyrie vs Kawhi and PG while both teams have excellent supporting cast.

  17. Brian Cheng

    Warriors looks terrible right now. If Giannis can go there and win he will be elevated. And Curry/Gianni's on the same team will be special.

  18. niesha patterson

    Now we know why KD got manipulated to leave 😂🤣

  19. Kakaroto K

    I’ve been saying it all this time

  20. Gordon Gekko

    Stephen a Smith and ESPN deserve to be charged with tampering all these guys do is spin a bunch of bullshit stories that don't even turn out to be true

  21. Lavar Ball

    If Giannis is going ANYWHERE it’s Toronto because of his relationship with Masai Ujiri. He’s not leaving the bucks for the warriors Stephen A their time is over

  22. Sammy Woo

    Well if even Westbrooks can, why not Giannis? Q is, does GS want to pay the luxury$$$?


    If Giannis goes to the Warriors and KD comes back next year it’ll be Nets v Sixers in the east and Clippers v Warriors in the west every year


    If KD never got injured the Nets would literally destroy teams 😂 Kyrie with Lebron was sum but Uncle Drew with Durant would be unstoppable

  25. Zay Boogie500

    Giannis in another uniform would be weird asf

  26. Baby Cousin Tracy

    Giannis is not going to the Warriors

  27. xx1j

    No, Giannis will not join the Warriors 😂

  28. Russell 21

    Please go to Golden State

  29. Jeremy Walker

    That has nothing to do with Kevin lol


    Giannis wouldn't look good in a warriors jersey?????

  31. Stae Locd

    4:45 for Giannis comments; you’re welcome.

  32. Von Namoc

    nah he will get smashed in the west if he can’t get a consistent jumpshot, remember what kawhi did to him

  33. Josh Gorman

    Take all guns away

  34. Zakria Waseem

    He’ll come to the lakers

  35. Calvin Leary

    Absolutely not..Fake News

  36. Mr NiceGuy

    Whats stephen a cracking i want some.

  37. CrownMe13

    Stephen A is a liar, he’s trying to plant ideas in Giannis’ head

  38. Clark Kent Pacaña

    Giannis to the warriors

  39. Monkey D. Mehmet

    Well i would actually love the combination of curry and giannis (they were really good at the All Star game)

  40. Ryan Salt

    Giannis with Steph would be impossible to play against but I don't see it happening.

  41. Angel Cadena

    WOW. this is straight up pathetic

  42. TJ

    It won’t make much of a difference. If they pick up a player that’s not as good or better than kd then it’ll be trash

  43. Manuela Da Silva


  44. Emmanuel K-ci

    If Giannis joins Steph Curry, Klay, Draymond and Iggy they will win not only the NBA Championship but the Super Bowl as well.

  45. Go Bucks

    Hahaha lol no. Curry would go to MIL before GF goes to GS.

  46. Chef Flee

    Stephen a crying about unfair big 3 all last year and really since its been assembled…… literally gets what he wants in more parity in the nba and is like……….. wait gannis to the warriors next year. MAN STFU

  47. Austin Noble

    Giannis has been linked to the warriors for over a year. It’s to soon to say but he might go over there. We’ll see.

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