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  1. Danny Gonzalez

    stream or download the song https://song.link/i/1446178731

  2. Allison Courtney

    not appropriate for little kids

  3. Stinky Poopy

    When u dont want santa to come but u also do.

  4. Soom BlueWarriorOnYT

    No why did you kill Santa 😡

  5. Fizzii

    It's that time of year again boys

  6. Loop Void

    What is the point of this?

  7. Christian Echols

    My dad: so my son likes rap right son

    Me listening to this: huh oh um yeah shure

  8. Awqha

    0:47 best part replay button

  9. Numberblocks Jwbays


  10. Shadow wolf

    Danny: ima kill Santa Claus and break the law….
    Me as a cop: OH NO YOU DONT!!!
    Me: why did you break the law in the first place???

  11. Gacha Master

    A christmas add came on before the video I feel bad XD

  12. Mia S


  13. Ben Kameta

    Why the fuck is this in my recommendations

  14. gachachannel

    ITS THAT time of year FOLKS

  15. bruhty s

    Songs a totally fire

  16. 2k sub no vid challenge

    That one 7 yr is like screaming that Santa is now dead lol

  17. Marie G

    It is that time of the year again!

  18. 05Quake

    Mom: what are you watching

    Me: A Man plotting his murder for an iconic fictional character to millions of young children

  19. GymnasticsEdits_7

    guess what greg

    it’s that time of year again

  20. RuLe Penguin

    The one eight year old watching 😭😭😭😭

  21. SpaceGeek



    wakes up DAD WHY ARE YOU DEAD

  23. pokémon_games08

    i play this every christmas since it was made

  24. Netflix and Bleach

    Don’t forget to kill Santa this year 😚

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