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  1. Taz Network

    Where's everyone listening to this insane song from? 💖

    👻 Snapchat : taznetwork

  2. Cold Insanity

    Finally found this song…again

  3. Saige Plourde

    Me singing this song: mnhammmahnahanbaanb for this
    Tirponininmhmhnh dangerous
    Eveeybidydyyyfdy vulterous

  4. Kelly Ellingsen

    This is my life❤️‼️

  5. Naveen chandrasekaran

    Addicted …….i born for this

  6. movie star

    I love this song

  7. Carmen


  8. Ricky Jay Oculam

    Go Cavaliers…

  9. M.bharth Kumar


  10. Cody Wilson

    2019 peeps

  11. KandI Coe

    This song is so really good!!!! GO IMAGINE DRAGON!!!!

  12. Meenu Bakshi


  13. Meenu Bakshi

    Awsome. Song

  14. Andrew VanKuren

    I'm about to go into Navy boot camp. First I was scared of what was going to happen but after listening to this song, it gave me a major boost in confidence and bravery. Now I'm ready to go to boot camp, become a sailor, and serve my country proud. (USA)

  15. Carlos Orozco

    and from imagine dragons duuuuh

  16. Butler185

    My brother plays this song on the way to a dirt bike race. He says it gets him hyped up.😼

  17. A wrist tea

    the ppl who disliked this song had a day(thats for sure)


    Who else else feels so bad ash when I hear this song
    Just me ok


    Best song


    Excelled the excellence

  21. AmandaLynn Jaskolski


  22. AmandaLynn Jaskolski


  23. Angie S.


  24. Martha Garcia

    Whatever it takes to brake the chains

  25. fairface42 fairface42

    From France, five stars ! It was the greatest feeling I ever had when my soul takes over listening to this insane song.

  26. Jason Harris

    Travis watkins always my best friend love you

  27. fata basita

    È bello il ritornello, perchè credo poco alla break music dei bianchi. Comunque, c'è in giro la traduzione in italiano o qualcuno in grado di farla, perfavore??? Grazie in anticipo❣😉

  28. Daniel Manyol

    Suits’ Harvey Spector brought me here
    November 2019

  29. Parshant Chawla

    Wow this are the best song ever

  30. Peter Feeney

    Imagine Dragons can not make a bad song. Literally impossible!

  31. Kelly Malicki

    I was born for this. Jesus is the adrenaline in my veins. He is the TRUTH, who set me Free from the chains of this world. He is who Truly loves me. He is LOVE, He is JOY, He is FREEDOM, He is Happiness, He is who can heal. He is who saved me and who was always there for me even in my darkest time. I will Praise Him always, he died for my sins and saved me. Again, he broke my chains and I'll do Whatever It Takes to Glorify Him for what he did for me and for you. God Bless you ALL. I am NO longer the product of the system.

  32. HH ! Motions

    Who's listening to this song as of Halloween & November of 2019 and also thinking about Avengers Endgame

  33. Archivark VII

    Who didn't come here from Avengers: End Game

  34. Bethany Smith

    I love imagine dragons

  35. Mitchell Foley

    I want this in a Flash movie

  36. Maish Saeed

    Nice song

  37. Sam Hazadonis

    Best song


    No words.
    No one can stand against ID

  39. Hasan Daily

    Wow Verse 2 is I need to practice because it is my solo in concert but speed hurt through thank for put in decreption

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