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  1. Nutella ToastGirl

    LOL, there is Sugar Rush in that arcade!

  2. Freddie Coldwell

    i just – Gannondorf near the 2:37 mark

  3. Lindsay Norman

    and now a drum solo….In slaps LOL

  4. Kape ikśik

    1 Year!


    In like this music, I feel the song in my blood, thanks for it.

  6. David Stroscherer

    I like that's song!

  7. David Stroscherer

    I'm so happy this song is nice

  8. Xenosyx

    Everyone is talking about the sad lyrics or the russian comments
    But I'm a french bilingual and I see nobody is talking how awesome this clip and the song goes together and sounds good

  9. Spag Bourbaki

    Me:0/50 Hello, hello Let me tell you what it's like to be a zero, zero Let me show you what it's like to always feel, feel

  10. JuanSometimes

    Hello hello , Zero Zero feel 😉

  11. Mauricio LZ


  12. Luke 207


  13. Kimio Iizima


  14. JoshyDaPro

    Small miis are like 0:10

  15. Babita Sikarwar

    Ya pretty nice

  16. Misfortune Follows

    the lyrics are for the adults at the theater and the melody is for the kids.

  17. Nayra Marques

    É um vício por essa música 😍😍

  18. ĄÑÄ SÃnçH3z

    Son los mejores

  19. sam RBLX

    Also… You should try fortnite… Just for the memes

  20. sam RBLX

    You really are a brilliant guy, aren't ya

  21. J. Carlos Flores


  22. Laura Caroline

    Anyone else laugh at 2:24 ? Just the timing of the fall with that beat made me piss myself 😂

  23. Lauren Geller


  24. Гонщик Нелегальный

    Once the need to score on everthing and say "Zero"


    Español :v?

  26. SideSwipeProductions

    When bobble heads come to life

  27. Tru Hauntings P.D

    … whats with their heads?

  28. 100k subs with no videos challenge

    Anyone else in October 2019 no only me ok

    Please consider subbing for the doggi 🥺

  29. Kiwin Join Join


  30. Aluna Gaia Gotama

    i love this song

  31. arely_ art

    Octubre 2019?

  32. Zack_is_wack YT

    this is the kind of stuff that makes you feel bad for bullied kids

  33. Catherine

    This song made me cry. It hit me hard. I was either bullied or was completely ignored my whole school life. This song has so much meaning to mean many ways. Another fantastic song from u guys❤️

  34. SedateLemming24

    you fine out the things to say you mack the balince the most

  35. Austin Ahern

    Tap this if you like Imagine Dragons, you like the song Zero, and you like the music video for it.

  36. Kris and Djef Love

    Я ваша ханатка! Ви дуже круті як ця пісня!

  37. Vector OH YEAH

    Liked the smashing pumpkins song better

  38. Sevyn Romero

    When you have bipolar depression 0:49

  39. Jonathan Jose

    I miss the soundtrack from Wreck it Ralph, made by Owl City.

  40. José Gamiño

    Like si eres mexicano y te gusta imagine dragons of the México im like imagine dragons

  41. Андрей Гордый

    2019 Россия

  42. Lorraine Zea

    2:49 Ben and Platz slapping each other lmao

  43. Sonia Garcia

    Amei o vidio

  44. Edna Esperanza Noriega Espinosa


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